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Winstrol Cycle – The Final Information

Dr George TouliatosDisclaimer: The next article is for instructional functions solely and doesn’t promote the usage of unlawful steroids. When you have any questions or considerations, Dr. Touliatos is at present obtainable for session.

Winstrol (Stanozolol), in any other case referred to as Winny, is a well-liked steroid in bodybuilding.

This is because of it being an oral steroid that produces highly effective fat-burning and muscle-building results.

Moreover, its anabolic results come with out an enormous surge in water weight, permitting lean and aesthetic positive aspects; as a substitute of bloated-looking muscle groups. Thus, Winstrol can be utilized in the summertime to assist customers get shredded; or it may be used within the low season so as to add lean muscle.

As a result of its versatility, Winstrol is considered the second hottest oral steroid — behind Dianabol.

That’s no imply feat, contemplating the recognition of Anavar — a rival slicing steroid.

Under is an inventory of the most well-liked Winstrol cycles, that native health club rats and even professional bodybuilders take to get ripped.

Be aware: The next cycles (besides the primary) are NOT appropriate for rookies, attributable to Winstrol’s excessive toxicity (1). An Anavar cycle is a greater choice for novices desirous to burn fats and construct muscle.

In case you are a girl curious about biking Winstrol, learn this text

Winstrol-Solely Cycle

For Inexperienced persons

Though we don’t advocate Winstrol as a primary steroid cycle, attributable to its tendency to trigger harsh unwanted effects, the next protocol is tailor-made for rookies (using decrease doses).

winstrol cycle for beginners

All Weeks:

  • Fish oil (4g/day)
  • TUDCA (500mg/day)


  • Nolvadex (tamoxifen) – 40mg x 45 days

This Winstrol cycle was common when it was initially launched, with extra conservative dosages being utilized. Based mostly on what modern-day bodybuilders take now, that is thought of a really ‘mild’ cycle — excellent for a newbie.

Now we have seen customers achieve notable quantities of lean muscle (as much as 10lbs) from this cycle, while lowering their physique fats proportion significantly.

Winstrol used to return in bottles made up of 2mg drugs; nonetheless, 5mg and 10mg drugs are extra frequent at present. Thus, within the case of the latter — 7.5mg could also be a extra possible dose for the primary 2 weeks (taking 1.5 x 5mg drugs).

TUDCA is a liver help complement, confirmed to cut back injury to the liver in scientific research (2). Fish oil is used to handle ldl cholesterol and blood stress (3), serving to to blunt an inevitable spike when taking Winstrol.

Nolvadex is a SERM, used to deal with low testosterone ranges post-cycle (4). This has helped our sufferers’ hormonal profile return to regular ranges inside a number of weeks of cycle cessation; which in any other case can take a number of months.

Authorized Winstrol Different


Winsol is our #1 rated authorized Winstrol product. It replicates the fat-burning and muscle-building results of Winstrol, however with none undesirable unwanted effects.

It’s FDA-approved and may be bought on-line with out a prescription.

Winsol is greatest fitted to males or ladies who wish to scale back their physique fats proportion, while concurrently growing muscle tone and constructing lean muscle.

For Intermediates

The beneath Winstrol cycle is perfect for somebody who’s already taken Winstrol, or milder steroids, comparable to Testosterone or Anavar. That is as a result of larger dosages outlined beneath.

With this cycle, enhanced muscle positive aspects and fats loss shall be skilled; nonetheless, we additionally see unwanted effects being extra pronounced.

winstrol cycle

All weeks:

  • Fish oil (4g/day)
  • TUDCA (500mg/day)


  • Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) – 40mg x 45 days

It is a correctly dosed bodybuilding cycle, able to dramatically remodeling an individual’s physique composition in a matter of weeks.

Testosterone ranges will turn into extra suppressed, levels of cholesterol/blood stress will spike larger; in addition to liver values when working this intermediate cycle. We discover these to be the principle unwanted effects customers must handle when biking Winstrol.

Winstrol and Testosterone Cycle

winstrol testosterone cycle

All weeks:

  • Fish oil (4g/day)
  • TUDCA (500mg/day)
  • Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) 20-40mg/day or anastrozole 0.5-1mg/day


  • HCG (2000 IU each different day x 20 days)
  • Clomid (100mg/day x 30 days).

The above cycle may be seen as a bulking or slicing one, as vital quantities of muscle shall be gained; together with notable fats loss.

Nevertheless, attributable to some seemingly water retention from the addition of Testosterone — it’s extra favoured for bulking.

When Winstrol is stacked with Testosterone, energy and muscle positive aspects shall be considerably enhanced. It’s a complimentary stack as a result of Testosterone isn’t a harsh steroid, thus it received’t dramatically worsen Winstrol’s already poisonous nature. Nevertheless, gynecomastia is now a priority (5), in addition to decrease endogenous testosterone post-cycle. Customers can fight excessive estrogen unwanted effects, comparable to water retention and gyno by taking an anti-aromatase inhibitor or a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator). 

Anti-aromatase inhibitors (comparable to Anastrozole) block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, thus lowering water retention and the danger of gyno. One draw back now we have discovered, in regard to AIs, is that they’ll worsen blood stress.

Because of this we desire our sufferers to make the most of SERMs, blocking estrogen exercise immediately within the breast tissue itself. Nevertheless, water retention should still happen with a SERM, as estrogen ranges stay circulating all through the physique.

Testosterone is an injectable steroid, thus it isn’t an best cycle for these desirous to keep away from needles.

We discover a extra aggressive PCT is required with this cycle to kickstart pure testosterone manufacturing. The duo of Clomid and HCG has additionally been utilized in analysis to deal with hypogonadism by Dr. Michael Scally with a lot success.

Authorized Steroid Options That Work

before after picture

Loopy Bulk is our really useful supply for authorized steroid options, based mostly on 1000’s of constructive evaluations on verified platforms, comparable to Trustpilot and Feefo.

Dr. Thomas O’Connor, head of our medical group, states: “There may be proof, in the event you might use these (steroid options) they might be a lot better than utilizing anabolic steroids”.

Loopy Bulk’s formulation are supported with scientific analysis and are secure for women and men to make use of.

legal steroids


Winstrol and Anadrol Cycle

winstrol anadrol cycle

All Weeks:

  • Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) 20-40mg/day
  • Fish oil (4g/day)
  • TUDCA (500mg/day)


  • HCG (2000 IU each different day x 20 days)
  • Clomid (100mg/day x 30 days).

Winstrol mixed with Anadrol makes for a stunning stack for some, attributable to Winstrol being seen as a slicing steroid, that may add lean mass with out water retention. In the meantime, Anadrol is classed as a bulking steroid, usually leading to vital fluid retention within the offseason.

Nevertheless, now we have seen bodybuilders efficiently cycle the 2 collectively simply earlier than a contest — trying ripped, dry and full.

The trick is to devour low quantities of sodium, which prevents the water-ballooning impact that Anadrol could cause. Anadrol may be very estrogenic, thus biking this steroid along side a high-sodium food regimen is a recipe for water retention/clean muscle groups.

Nevertheless, when used diligently, Anadrol creates an enormous and full look onstage, which may catch the decide’s eyes (when different opponents are glycogen depleted).

Even on low energy when slicing, bodybuilders can count on to burn fats and construct muscle with this stack.

If an individual is just not slicing and makes use of this stack, mass and energy positive aspects shall be vital; given the highly effective nature of Anadrol.

Aspect Results

The draw back to this cycle is that it accommodates two of probably the most poisonous oral steroids available on the market. This cycle is among the worst now we have seen for levels of cholesterol, blood stress and liver enzymes.

Thus, it shouldn’t be run usually and is simply appropriate for skilled steroid customers.

Gynecomastia is a priority with the addition of Anadrol, thus a SERM comparable to Nolvadex is really useful to maintain the buildup of breast tissue at bay. Now we have discovered aromatase inhibitors to be ineffective at stopping gyno from Anadrol, because it doesn’t convert testosterone to estrogen. As an alternative, Anadrol stimulates the estrogen receptors immediately.

Testosterone ranges will nearly actually be shut down post-cycle, needing a strong PCT to get endogenous testosterone again to regular ranges.

Because of the harshness of this cycle, it shouldn’t final past 6 weeks; to take care of optimum long-term well being.

Winstrol and Trenbolone Cycle

In our expertise, Winstrol and Trenbolone cycles are extremely poisonous AAS and solely appropriate for superior steroid customers.

When it comes to positive aspects, Winstrol and Trenbolone are two of the greatest steroids you’ll be able to take for remodeling your physique in a brief house of time (when used as a slicing or bulking cycle). Trenbolone, like Winstrol, has muscle-building and fat-burning attributes — with it additionally making a dry and grainy look to the muscle groups.

winstrol trenbolone cycle

All Weeks:

  • Fish oil (4g/day)
  • TUDCA (500mg/day)
  • Letrozole (1.25mg each different day) *optionally available — not appropriate if blood stress is excessive*


  • HCG – 2000 IU administered each different day for 20 days
  • Nolvadex – 2 x 20mg for 45 days
  • Clomid2 x 50mg for 30 days

When Winstrol/Trenbolone is used as a bulking stack, that is maybe the most aesthetic steroid duo of all; with lean muscle positive aspects, no water retention and customers’ physique fats lowering.

The principle distinction between Winstrol and Trenbolone is that Tren will pack on considerably extra muscle, is harsher on the physique, and is an injectable steroid. Thus, Tren is branded extra as a bulking steroid, attributable to its unimaginable anabolic results.

This cycle is appropriately dosed for an skilled steroid consumer. Nevertheless, the cycle is simply 6 weeks to attenuate injury to the physique. If customers tolerate this cycle effectively, they might prolong the period to eight weeks for additional positive aspects.

The Trenbolone dose will increase by 50% at week 5, to proceed making vital positive aspects for the final 2 weeks. Nevertheless, if customers are involved in regards to the unwanted effects by week 4, they need to not up the dose of Tren.

Now we have discovered this cycle to construct related quantities of muscle to the Winstrol/Testosterone cycle, however with much less water weight achieve.

Aspect Results

We frequently see Tren/Winstrol cycles trigger very excessive LDL levels of cholesterol, leading to a giant spike in blood stress. Our sufferers additionally expertise injury to the HPTA, with testosterone ranges shutting down post-cycle. Androgenic unwanted effects are additionally frequent, comparable to oily pores and skin, hair loss and zits (the extent of which is set by a consumer’s genetics).

There’s a chance for progesterone-induced gynecomastia from Trenbolone. Progesterone acts just like estrogen and thus can stimulate the mammary glands. Nevertheless, we discover that Trenbolone’s ‘estrogen-like unwanted effects’ are extra noticeable when stacked with steroids that aromatize.

Customers can take an AI (aromatase inhibitor), which now we have discovered to achieve success in lowering progesterone-related unwanted effects. Nevertheless, AIs can additional spike blood stress; as estrogen performs a job in elevating HDL (good levels of cholesterol).

A few of our sufferers have utilized SERMs, like Nolvadex, to attempt to fight progesterone-induced gyno from Trenbolone. Nevertheless, Nolvadex made their gyno worse. The reason being not sure, nonetheless, there’s analysis to counsel that Nolvadex can enhance progesterone ranges — at the least within the brief time period.

Subsequently, it could be value usually monitoring your nipples throughout this cycle, to see in the event that they turn into swollen. If you happen to do expertise enlargement of your breast tissue, Letrozole may be takenan efficient AI.

Nevertheless, Letrozole shouldn’t be taken with out first monitoring your blood stress, as we discover it will increase BP.

Winstrol and Clenbuterol Cycle

Clenbuterol isn’t a steroid; nonetheless, it’s usually cycled with slicing steroids (like Winstrol); attributable to its highly effective fat-burning results.

It’s unknown how efficient Clen is for constructing lean muscle in people, with customers experiencing completely different outcomes (principally delicate to no muscle positive aspects). Nevertheless, in analysis horses have skilled vital will increase in lean mass.

You’ll see a barely decrease dose of Winstrol within the cycle beneath (20mg as a substitute of 25mg), due to the elevated danger to the guts, as a result of presence of Clenbuterol. Consequently, Winstrol could also be taken for 8 weeks as a substitute of 6 — nonetheless liver enzymes needs to be monitored. 

clenbuterol winstrol cycle

All Weeks:

  • Fish oil (4g/day)
  • TUDCA (500mg/day)


Now we have seen customers stacking Clen with Winstrol expertise speedy fats loss, attributable to their metabolism going by the roof.

Clenbuterol, being a beta2-agonist, sometimes acts otherwise to steroids. Thus, there isn’t a danger of gyno, testosterone suppression, hair loss, zits, and so on. Nevertheless, coronary heart fee and blood stress ranges can rise considerably, which customers will should be cautious of.

It is very important usually monitor your BP throughout this cycle and solely enhance the Clenbuterol dose as deliberate in case your blood stress is inside regular ranges. If blood stress rises too excessive, don’t enhance the clenbuterol dose or instantly discontinue the cycle (if very excessive).

Now we have had sufferers expertise arrhythmia because of Clenbuterol use.

Winstrol and Anavar Cycle

Anavar is a really related steroid to Winstrol, being an oral steroid utilized in slicing cycles. Each compounds have fat-burning and muscle-building properties.

Now we have discovered Winstrol to be extra highly effective than Anavar, thus positive aspects could also be slightly extra noticeable, but unwanted effects significantly extra.

Winstrol is much more reasonably priced, in comparison with Anavar; with the latter typically costing tons of of {dollars} to run a cycle.

The one foremost benefit Anavar has over Winstrol, aside from its security profile; is that it’s extra appropriate for ladies to take. Anavar is low danger for inflicting virilization unwanted effects in females — whereas Winstrol is way larger.

winstrol anavar cycle

When cycled collectively, fats loss, muscle positive aspects and energy will attain new ranges (versus working a Winstrol-only cycle). It is a highly effective slicing cycle when making an attempt to drop physique fats ranges shortly with out shedding muscle/energy.

One draw back with Winstrol is that typically customers can turn into depleted of their muscle groups, attributable to a lack of intracellular fluid. Nevertheless, Anavar can counteract this momentary shrinkage, because it will increase mobile quantity; making a full and pumped look to the muscle groups.

Aspect Results

Anavar, regardless of being an oral steroid, won’t tremendously enhance liver toxicity. That is as a result of kidneys processing a lot of the compound and thus TUDCA needs to be adequate for limiting pressure to the organ.

In our testing, testosterone suppression is reasonable when taking Anavar alone. Thus, Winstrol stacked with Anavar will trigger it to close down, requiring a PCT.

Levels of cholesterol will rise slightly larger on this stack, versus taking Winstrol alone.

Gynecomastia won’t be a difficulty, as none of those steroids aromatize.


Can You Drink Alcohol on Winstrol?

Alcohol is to not be consumed when taking Winstrol as a precaution for the liver. When somebody takes hepatotoxic oral anabolic steroids like Winstrol, AST and ALT enzymes will rise considerably, indicating hepatic irritation. Thus, consuming alcohol will solely trigger additional oxidative stress.

Nevertheless, we do see some sufferers drink small to reasonable quantities of alcohol and stay unscathed when taking anabolic steroids. Nevertheless, long-term, this isn’t optimum, with this duo growing the possibilities of cholestasis and peliosis hepatis.


Winstrol is a strong slicing steroid that produces spectacular outcomes; particularly when stacked with different steroids.

Nevertheless, we all know Winstrol’s unwanted effects to be simply as potent because the outcomes it yields. Subsequently, Winstrol ought to solely be cycled in reasonable doses by intermediate steroid customers (that tolerate them effectively).

At all times seek the advice of a health care provider earlier than working a Winstrol cycle and make sure you take the really useful liver, coronary heart and PCT dietary supplements to maintain your physique as wholesome as attainable throughout and after a cycle.

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