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Will Tennyson Eats 4 Totally different Olympia Champion’s Cheat Meals

Jay Cutler’s post-Olympia “cheat meal” was water.

Health YouTuber Will Tennyson tried consuming Ronnie Coleman’s 6,000-calorie bodybuilding food plan in October 2023. A month later, it was time to up the ante by consuming the cheat meals from 4 Olympia champions, three Mr. Olympias: Phil Well beingJay Cutler, and Coleman, and the five-time reigning Basic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead. Try Tennyson’s a number of feasts within the video beneath:

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Meal One — Phil Heath

Heath is a seven-time Mr. Olympia champion. When Tennyson requested Heath about his food plan post-competition, Heath informed Tennyson that he would lay out small parts of every craving with out going all-out instantly. The rationale for the self-control was that consuming extremely inflammatory meals earlier than the photoshoots within the days after a professional present might considerably alter one’s physique.

Heath’s cheat meal menu consists of ice cream, burgers, fries, pizza, and a salad to assist curtail dry mouth from lack of hydration throughout a present. Heath was aware to maintain his intestine microbiome wholesome, so a number of bites of every is all he allowed himself. When Tennyson ready the cheat meal by eating at 5 Guys, he opined that having a little bit of all the pieces was more difficult than engulfing a singular merchandise.

Meal Two — Jay Cutler

4-time Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler has a unique method to cheat meals for post-competition vitamin. Allegedly, all Jay Cutler consumed after posing for hours was a number of glasses of water. To take care of the fascinating dried-out look on stage, athletes are pretty dehydrated, so rehydrating afterward was sufficient to fulfill Cutler.

After a professional present, a bodybuilder’s mouth will be so dry that consuming one thing like a rice cake might result in scraping of their mouth. Due to this fact, water is all that was on Cutler’s thoughts after strolling off stage.

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Meal Three — Chris Bumstead

5-time Basic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead has a novel craving post-Olympia. Bumstead posted an image on his Instagram with the caption, “Wasn’t joking in regards to the post-show egg white mug cake.” Tennyson researched former Bikini Olympia champion and Bumstead’s fiance Courtney King’s mug cake recipe.

The deal with referred to as for Japanese candy potato, pumpkin, one entire eggprotein powder, and chocolate chips. Tennyson’s verdict was that the cake was scrumptious and worthy of a post-Olympia cheat meal. 

Will Tennyson’s Bodybuilding Exercise

Earlier than making an attempt Coleman’s cheat meal, Tennyson went to the gymnasium to carry out every Olympia champion’s favourite train, which included the next: 

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Meal 4 — Ronnie Coleman

  • Champagne
  • 10-12 Slices of Pizza 
  • Two McDonald’s Quarter Pounders
  • Three to 4 McDonald’s Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Coleman’s cheat meals had been completely different than the others on the checklist. Coleman went full-bore, consuming 10-12 slices of pizza and ingesting some Dom Pérignon as quickly as he was topped the victor. So, Tennyson swapped for glowing wine — claiming the Dom Pérignon is out of his finances — and a field of Pizza Hut.  When Coleman completed his pizza, he went to McDonald’s for 2 quarter-pounders with cheese. Tennyson did the identical.

All in all, the cheat meals for the elite Olympians, except for Coleman, had been extra tame than one may anticipate after weight-reduction plan via an intense contest prep.

Featured picture: @willtenny on Instagram

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