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55 Greatest Body weight Leg Workouts (Assured Ripped Legs)

There are a bent amongst newbie and aspiring calisthenics trainees to skip body weight leg workout routines fully and focus solely on reaching higher physique power feats.

I was like that at first too.

Once I began coaching with calisthenics my largest aspiration was to attain the unbelievable calisthenics abilities that I noticed on Youtube.

Virtually all of those abilities had been associated to higher physique power.

The few abilities that had been associated to decrease physique power (like pistol squats) didn’t appear as thrilling.

And, for that reason, I pushed leg calisthenics coaching apart.

Someday, I made a decision to crank out some pistol squats and was shocked to appreciate I might solely get just a few.

I really wanted to assist myself on my left leg once I was making an attempt to return up. It sucked.

That was a whole eye-opener for me.

After that day, I by no means missed a calisthenics leg exercise once more.

“However Todd is it actually potential to develop robust and muscular legs with body weight workout routines?”

Can Calisthenics Construct Your Leg Muscle tissues?

The short reply is sure, you’ll be able to undoubtedly construct your leg muscle mass with out utilizing weights and easily following body weight leg exercises.

You simply have to stick to progressive overload rules reminiscent of rising repetitions whereas decreasing relaxation time, altering workout routines and variations, and using numerous exercise protocols like drop units.

The goal of this publish is to indicate you all of the variations of body weight leg workout routines that you would be able to add to your coaching routine.

Earlier than shifting on, I want to point out that this publish is similar to the “45 Body weight Workouts To Assist You Construct Energy And Definition”.

I like to recommend you to try that publish as a result of it has a number of useful data that applies to leg workout routines as properly.

Additionally, for those who’re wanting to make use of these workout routines within the context of a complete physique program, be certain to try my Body weight Physique Academy.

Body weight Leg Workouts: Weightlifting VS Leg Calisthenics

Bodyweight Leg Exercises weights

In case you have been following SOA for some time, you might be in all probability going to know a dozen explanation why calisthenics is an superior type of coaching and the numerous advantages it has over weight lifting.

So, on this part, I want to focus simply on the variations between calisthenics and weight lifting with regard to coaching legs.

A calisthenics leg exercise may be very efficient for endurance and conditioning.

It could improve your explosive energy and muscle mass in an analogous solution to higher physique calisthenics.

The massive distinction is available in maximal power coaching.

Maximal Leg Energy And Calisthenics

This is without doubt one of the areas the place weight lifting might be thought-about superior to calisthenics.

When coaching with heavy squats, all you must do is to grasp the approach, and then you definitely simply improve the load on the bar “infinitely”.

Quite the opposite, to maneuver from a easy squat to a pistol you must grasp a totally new motion and after that, you will have restricted choices on make a pistol harder.

However don’t let this scare you away as a result of a calisthenics leg exercise comes with one other benefit.

Constructing Resilient Legs

When you practice severely with calisthenics, you will construct a pair of very resilient legs.

Simply check out parkouristas.

These guys bounce from roof to roof and from large heights and soak up numerous impression with their legs.

But, most of them don’t ever work out with weights.

This occurs as a result of as you might be advancing with body weight leg workout routines, you might be shifting by excessive ranges of movement and, in consequence, your joints and ligaments grow to be extra supple and stronger.

What Are The Muscle tissues In The Leg?

Earlier than we dive into the workout routines, let’s check out the fundamentals of leg anatomy to get a way of how the legs work.

The leg consists roughly of those predominant muscle mass:

  • Hip Flexors – Raise your leg up
  • Glutes (gluteus maximus) – Pull your leg again
  • Quads – Prolong your leg
  • Hamstrings – Bend your leg
  • Calves & shin muscle mass – Flex and lengthen your ankle, respectively
  • Adductors & Abductors – Carry the legs to shut and away from one another, respectively

Rotational actions use a mix of those muscle teams.

After all, it is a very simplistic overview, nevertheless it’s sufficient to get you began.

In case you are extra within the anatomy of your leg, you’ll be able to take a fast take a look at this website. basic leg anatomy for bodyweight leg exercises

How To Heat Up For Body weight Leg Workouts

Bodyweight Leg Exercises

Warming up in your body weight leg exercise is fairly easy.

At first, do some gentle mobility work for 2-5 minutes.

It is best to carry out workout routines for all joints:

That is actually vital if you will practice for leg workout routines just like the shrimp squat, the place you will transfer by an excessive vary of movement.

After the mobility work, I generally like to incorporate 5 minutes of bounce rope to get my coronary heart charge up, nevertheless it’s not essential.

The remainder of your warm-up goes to rely largely on which body weight leg train you need to add to your decrease physique exercise for the day.

In case your focus is on power workout routines or constructing muscle mass, then apply some low rep units (3-5) of simpler progressions resulting in the transfer you will apply with.

For instance, if you will practice with pistol squats, you are able to do 3 units of 5 reps of partial pistols rising step by step the vary of movement with each set.

In case your purpose is explosiveness or conditioning, apply with a average rep (6-12) and units at a quick tempo.

For instance, you are able to do 2 units of 8 reps of body weight squats at a quick tempo.

55 Body weight Leg Workouts To Assist You Construct Energy & Muscle

Bodyweight Leg Exercises running

Under is a whole information of body weight workout routines for legs.

I divided the workout routines primarily based on which muscle mass they aim extra.

This was very tough for sure workout routines since most of them goal numerous muscle mass concurrently.

That can assist you select which workout routines are extra applicable in your present degree, I divided the workout routines primarily based on their issue as properly.

Lastly, there’s a class for leg isometrics that’s applicable for each degree.

Body weight Leg Workouts For The Quads

On this part, you will discover the workout routines which are quad dominant.

On this class belong a number of the most tough body weight leg workout routines.


Ahead Lunge

Begin within the standing place with toes hip-width aside and arms by sides.

Take an enormous step ahead along with your proper foot and bend your left knee till each knees type 90-degree angles.

Press down into the precise heel to push again to beginning place.

Aspect Lunge

Begin along with your toes shoulder-width aside, toes pointed straight ahead.

Step out along with your proper foot as broad as potential.

Push by your proper heel as you drop your hips down and again whereas retaining the left leg straight.

Stretch your groin on the left leg and preserve each soles of the toes on the bottom whereas your toes are pointed straight ahead.

Be sure that your proper knee is monitoring over your proper foot the entire movement.

Powerfully “push” your proper heel into the ground to get your self again to your beginning place.

Conventional Squat

Sumo Squat (Body weight)

Cossack Squat

Bear Squat

Hindu Squat

You will discover extra data on the Hindu Squat right here.


Falling Tower

Bulgarian Cut up-Squat

Shut Squats

I really favor to have my knees touching through the train, however both approach, it’s a good train.

Reverse Lunge


Pistol Squat

Pistol squats are carried out on a single leg. What provides to the diploma of issue is having to increase your leg ahead whereas squatting with the other leg.

It’s a robust one to grasp however can actually work your legs successfully.

Strolling Pistol Squat

Shrimp Squat

Tuck Squat

Body weight Leg Workouts For The Hips

Listed below are body weight leg workout routines in your hip flexors.

A lot of the workout routines for the hips are additionally core workout routines, so you might need to practice your hips at your core coaching periods.

I like to recommend that you just apply bridging after you’ve educated your hips as a result of tight hips may “spoil” your posture as a result of the hips flexors can pull your pelvis ahead.

This provides you an anterior rotation within the pelvis which may trigger issues in your low again.

Lastly, for those who stretch your antagonist muscle mass (the hamstrings) previous to your exercise, you will carry out higher.


Mendacity Leg Raises

These workout routines might be simply modified by bending your legs.

Excessive Knees



Hanging Knee Raises

Jack Knife Train

One-leg Plank


Hanging Leg  Raises

Some nice variations from Al on this video.


Body weight Leg Workouts For The Hamstrings

On this class belong the hamstring dominant actions.

Since many of the superior body weight workout routines are quad dominant, I like to recommend that you just focus numerous your consideration on this muscle group.


One Leg Deadlifts

Hamstring Curl


One Leg Hamstring Curl

Harop Curl Development (Simpler variations)


Harop Curl

Body weight Leg Workouts For The Glutes

Virtually all of the leg workout routines talked about thus far practice the glutes fairly properly.

Because of this, on this part, there usually are not going to be too many leg workout routines for that particular muscle group.


Hen Canine Train

Backward Attain

Hip Bridge

Elevated Hip Bridges


Single-Leg Hip Bridge

Elevated Single Leg Hip Bridge

Miscellaneous Body weight Leg Workouts

Within the part, you will discover numerous decrease physique workout routines that weren’t put in any of the above classes.


Calf Raises

Adductor Leg Raise

Aspect Leg Increase


Single-Leg Calf Increase

Adductor Plank

Aspect Plank With Leg Increase

Isometric Body weight Workouts For Legs

Isometrics for legs is usually a welcome addition to your exercise.

There are 2 methods to implement leg isometrics into your routine.

You possibly can apply static maintain as a finisher to your power exercises and you’ll apply brief isometric periods for power coaching.

The workout routines on this part aren’t going to be divided into issue ranges.

That is only a listing that will help you get launched to isometrics.

Static Wall Squat

Warrior Pose

Horse Stance

One Leg Wall Sit

Plyometric Body weight Workouts For Legs

On this class, you will discover workout routines that aid you develop explosiveness and velocity in your decrease physique.

The problem ranges begin from intermediate as a result of plyometric workout routines require a stable basis for protected apply.


Squat Jumps

The 180 Diploma Spiderman Leap

Loopy Lunge

You will discover extra data in regards to the loopy lunge right here.

Twister Leap Lunge



Hill Sprinting

Field Jumps width=

Knee Jumps

You possibly can progress even for those who don’t have weights by rising the peak of the touchdown floor like within the final progressions of the video.

Depth Jumps

Explosive Pistol Squats

How To Prepare Your Legs

Since it is vitally tough to isolate muscle teams with the superior leg workout routines, I like to recommend that you just select one superior motion as your predominant purpose after which practice the remainder muscle teams with simpler workout routines.

For instance, for those who select pistol as your predominant purpose, you must practice for it following power coaching parameters (low rep units with large breaks), and afterward or within the subsequent day you’ll be able to practice the remainder muscle teams with newbie and intermediate variations.

In case your purpose is to construct muscle, you’ll be able to observe the identical strategy however as an alternative of following power coaching parameters, you will deal with constructing extra quantity with the progressions.

After all, with this manner of coaching reaching abilities goes to take a little bit longer. For leg endurance and conditioning, I think about AMRAP kind exercises to be the best choice.

For explosiveness, you must select 2 workout routines to carry out in each coaching session. I like to recommend you to stay to those 2 workout routines for 2-3 months with the intention to monitor your progress.

You possibly can practice with 3-4 for units of 8-12 reps.

Talking from expertise, alternating between explosive and power coaching exercises is absolutely useful.

How To Recuperate Sooner From Body weight Leg Workouts

I actually get pleasure from coaching arduous.

I additionally get pleasure from coaching quite a bit.

Nevertheless, there’s a restrict to this…

Particularly overtraining.

Throughout all of the years that I’ve been coaching, I’ve searched for tactics on practice extra steadily and with higher depth.

The topic of restoration may be very giant, so right here I’m going to share with you some workout routines and methods recuperate quicker out of your leg coaching.

Cooling Down

That is the only factor you are able to do.

After your exercise simply performs a brief mobility session for 5-10 minutes just like the warm-up.

Additionally, you’ll be able to carry out numerous static stretches and goal the muscle areas that really feel sore.

Utilizing foam rolling is nice as properly. A number of the stretches that I wish to carry out are these:

Your cool-down shouldn’t take greater than 20 minutes (I normally spend about 5 minutes).

That is going to assist launch stress.

In case you are doing it proper, you must really feel actually relaxed afterward.

Energetic Restoration Periods

As a result of it is vitally arduous to get a full stretching and foam rolling session after your exercise (besides you probably have numerous obtainable time), I like to recommend that you’ve got a deliberate energetic restoration day the place you dedicate 30-60 minutes (or extra) to stretching and foam rolling.

When you don’t have large chunks of time for one thing like that, you’ll be able to cut up the restoration days into higher and decrease physique days.

This apply is absolutely priceless. You’re going to be amazed at how a lot quicker you will recuperate by utilizing one thing like this.

That is the closest factor you will get to getting an expert therapeutic massage.

Observe: At first, stretching and foam rolling may make you sore as properly.

Don’t be afraid of this, it’s regular.

After some time, you will really feel quite a bit higher.

Listed below are some nice articles on energetic restoration and stretching typically:

And Lastly… The Coaching Plans

There are a number of coaching plans with regard to creating robust legs utilizing body weight workout routines.

All of those plans are completely different relying in your objectives.

On this part, I’m going to make a abstract of a number of the finest articles that I’ve discovered on the net and a few of my very own on develop stronger legs.

Body weight Exercise Plans & Sources For Energy Positive aspects

Body weight Exercise Plans For Muscle And Definition

Body weight Exercises For Explosiveness

Body weight Exercises For Endurance And Conditioning

A lot of the exercises, on this part, are body weight circuits that comprise higher physique workout routines as properly.

Different Useful Sources For Calisthenics Leg Coaching

A number of the assets under usually are not solely devoted to calisthenics leg coaching however you could find numerous data that applies to leg coaching as properly.


To return to the start query of this publish: “However Todd is it actually potential to develop robust and muscular legs with calisthenics?”

I hope I answered this query absolutely and that you would be able to now see the true worth and potential of body weight workout routines for leg coaching.

When you nonetheless have extra questions that had been left unanswered with this publish, be happy to publish them under.

I might love that will help you out!

– Body weight Todd

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