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4 Issues All Nice Energy Coaching Packages Have in Widespread

Individuals like to argue about which energy coaching program is the perfect, as if one single prefabricated strategy goes to be considerably higher for almost all of individuals than some other program on the market (spoiler alert: there’s no such factor). 

In the event you actually perceive what foundational ideas are obligatory for any program to achieve success, you additionally perceive that most stable packages are extra related than they’re completely different. They may be packaged and promoted in another way, however in the event you look underneath the hood, you’ll uncover most of the identical qualities.

Listed below are 4 issues that each one nice energy coaching packages have in widespread:


At first, if a lifter believes a program goes to work, it most likely will. Extra essential than the units, reps, loading or train choice, a lifter’s confidence will decide their success or lack thereof. That’s why packages with the backing of a charismatic figurehead (e.g., Louis Simmons and Conjugate, Jim Wendler and 5/3/1, and many others.) are sometimes the most well-liked.

Therein is the worth of teaching. If a lifter hires a coach, they’ve each the idea within the coach and a monetary funding within the course of, doubling the chance of their success with no matter program they comply with.

Progressive Overload

We get larger and stronger by lifting slightly heavier and pushing ourselves slightly tougher, little by little over time. That is the precept of progressive overload. All packages intention to induce progressive overload not directly. 

Most packages drive overload by including weight to the bar whereas conserving the units and reps the identical. The only instance is Beginning Energy, Mark Rippetoe’s traditional newbie program that lives and dies by “add 5 kilos every exercise till you may’t.” This strategy works effectively for newbies as a result of they will get robust with mild weights relative to their maximal energy. Most newbies can journey out this strategy for an prolonged time frame.

As soon as you may’t add weight each exercise, it’s time to get extra inventive with progressive overload. Take into account adjusting coaching quantity (units x reps), train choice (rotating in numerous variations of the squat, bench and deadlift) and utilizing undulation (alternating between heavy, low-rep days and lighter, high-rep days) to maintain forcing the physique to adapt. 


Human beings are unpredictable, complicated methods. No two folks will reply precisely the identical to 1 coaching program. Due to this fact, high quality packages make the most of autoregulation: versatile set, rep and loading schemes to permit the lifter to make changes based mostly on how they really feel. 

If a lifter feels drained and weak, good packages have a built-in security web to permit them to make use of lighter weights and fewer quantity to nonetheless have a productive coaching session. On the flip facet, if a lifter feels implausible, good packages enable for the occasional further push to reap the benefits of their vitality and enthusiasm. 

The commonest type of autoregulation is RPE (Fee of Perceived Exertion) as a method of selecting the load on the bar. Different strategies like RIR (Reps in Reserve) and open-ended prime units (e.g., 5/3/1 “plus” units) are additionally types of autoregulation that allow the lifter alter their coaching on the fly. 


Undulation means altering the units, reps and cargo of a raise every time you do this raise inside a sure time frame. Even easier, in the event you do a raise usually, don’t do the identical factor each time.

It is a completely different strategy than a strictly linear development, the place the units and reps keep the identical every coaching session and the lifter goals so as to add slightly little bit of weight to the bar every time (e.g., Beginning Energy). That effectively runs dry for a lot of lifters shortly after the novice section, when the “beginner positive factors” have come and gone. An undulated strategy can add water again into the effectively.

Every day undulation refers to performing the primary lifts a number of instances per week and altering the units, reps and loading. The Conjugate technique alternates between max effort days and dynamic effort days, so that you carry out two heavy days and two mild days per week. This excessive/low strategy is probably the most typical software of every day undulation.

Weekly undulation refers to modifications in units, reps and cargo for a raise every week inside a coaching cycle. 5/3/1 makes use of weekly undulation for the primary lifts, rotating on a four-week schedule:

Week 1: 1×5 @ 65%, 1×5 @ 75%, 1×5+ @ 85%

Week 2: 1×3 @ 70%, 1×3 @ 80%, 1×3+ @ 90%

Week 3: 1×5 @ 75%, 1×3 @ 85%, 1×1+ @ 95%

Week 4 (Deload): 1×5 @ 40%, 1×5 @ 50%, 1×5 @ 60%

*Primarily based off coaching max (90% of true max)

Coaching completely different rep ranges and loading protocols on a every day or weekly foundation offers lifters the chance to make progress in methods aside from merely including 5 kilos to the bar utilizing the identical set-and-rep scheme each week.

Weaving with a Widespread Thread

Coaching strategies are solely pretty much as good because the ideas upon which they’re based mostly. That’s why so many alternative packages work effectively: they’re based mostly on the identical ideas outlined on this article. So whenever you’re weighing your choices, be certain to scrutinize your potential packages in opposition to these 4 qualities. If a program checks all 4 packing containers, give it a go. If not, transfer alongside.

On the subject of coaching packages, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be internet hosting an all-day Powerlifting Program Design seminar at Bonvec Energy on Sunday, October 15. This seminar is for powerlifters, coaches and anybody who desires to discover ways to design packages that assist folks get as robust as attainable in an clever and environment friendly manner. 

Attendees will be taught:

  • The scientific ideas behind each high quality program
  • The way to use Autoregulation to regulate packages on the fly
  • Communication abilities obligatory to construct a trusting coach-to-athlete relationship
  • The way to design packages for newbie, intermediate and superior lifters
  • How to decide on train variations to enhance method and determine weaknesses
  • The way to monitor information that’s really helpful to the coach and lifter
  • The variations between designing packages for in-person, on-line and group coaching settings
  • The way to work round accidents to proceed to coach productively
  • And far more!

In regards to the Seminar:

What: Powerlifting Program Design Seminar
Who: Tony Bonvechio, founder and head coach of Bonvec Energy
The place: Bonvec Energy, 99 Hartwell St, West Boylston, MA 01583
When: Sunday, October 15, 2023, 9 am – 5 pm
Worth: $159 (early chook) / $199 (after October 1)

This seminar is restricted to fifteen attendees to make sure that everybody can get the eye and suggestions they want through the hands-on parts. Tickets are on sale now, so click on under to assert your spot and reap the benefits of our early chook pricing!

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