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Powerlifting and olympic lifts??? Oh, yeah!

 As a powerlifter it’s a must to observe the powerlifts as a result of that’s the way you compete. The regulation of specificity. Your total program is constructed round them (squat, bench press, deadlift). However it’s sensible to borrow typically from different sports activities and see if it will probably enhance your expertise.

As I get older (I’m 47 now) I can really feel that I can get stiffer in shoulders, higher again and hips extra simply than once I was 25. Just lately, I’ve determined to incorporate some variations of olympic lifts into my programming, particularly in offseason when you’ll be able to permit your self to experiment with different lifts/workout routines to see in the event that they profit you.

Advantages of the olypic lifts for a powerlifter are important: 

Elevated energy and pace

As a result of olympic lifts are quick and dynamic they modify the ability curve. You depend on method, muscle groups, momentum. Should you study, for instance, easy methods to carry out the snatch correctly and quick and slowly work as much as some important poundages probably your pace and energy in your squat and deadlift enhance as effectively. There’s a excessive correlation. And we all know so as to carry large weight you want each, power and pace.

Elevated flexibilty

Please don’t imagine the nonsense that static stretching will increase muscle bellies. It doesn’t. Should you had been born with a brief biceps, effectively, sorry, however you going to have a brief biceps all of your life. What might be modified although, is just not the size of the muscle stomach however the flexibility in your joints. Nevertheless it must be underneath load. Look how versatile olympic lifters are. Olympic lifts drive you into very versatile positions underneath load subsequently completely rising you flexibility. No extra tremendous stiff hips, higher again, shoulders. Troubles getting underneath the bar on squats due to stiff shoulders? Properly, attempt 2 months of push press behind your neck or drop snatches and watch your shoulders change into unfastened and versatile (and stronger).

Elevated native muscular hypertrophy

Variations of olympic lifts are wonderful for this. For years I believed heavy deadlifts and shrugs are the reply for giant and powerful higher again. Nothing has put meat on my higher again as a lot because the snatch-grip excessive pull. Not even shut.

Right here is an instance of a 3 day power program with some integrated olympic lifts or their variations.


snatch-grip excessive pulls 4 progressively heavier triples to 3RM

squat 4 units of three with 80%




deadlift 4 units of three with 75-80%

bench press 5 units of three with 80%

behind neck push press 4 progressively heavier triples to 3RM

barbell lunges


clear and jerk 5 progressively heavier doubles to 2RM

entrance squats 3 units of three heavy

push press 3 units of three heavy

DB rows

P.S. Within the 40’s and 50’s of the twentieth century it was quite common individuals competed each in powerfilting and olympic lifting.

Now go do some snatches 🙂

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