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How To Do “Myo Reps” To Construct Muscle In Half The Time

myo reps
How To Construct Muscle In HALF The Time (TRY THIS 1 TECHNIQUE!)

On this article, I’ll be outlining one specific hypertrophy coaching technique that you should utilize to construct muscle successfully in a way more time and vitality environment friendly approach. This method is named myo reps

So let’s go over what myo reps are, why they’re efficient, implement them the proper approach, and who particularly ought to use them.

What’s a Myo Rep Set? 

what is myo rep

It’s really fairly simple. 

You carry out an everyday set however utilizing a barely larger rep vary. Then, slightly than taking a full relaxation interval and performing a wholly new set such as you usually would, you’re taking a really brief relaxation, carry out a couple of extra reps, take one other brief relaxation, and carry out a couple of extra reps. 

You then repeat that for 4-5 of those further low rep mini-sets. 

Why Do Myo Reps Work? 

Like we’ve mentioned earlier than with reference to coaching effort, it’s essential to know that solely the previous couple of reps of a given set are chargeable for triggering vital muscle progress. These are the reps whenever you’re up near the purpose of muscular failure.

These previous couple of actually tough, uncomfortable reps are the reps that really problem the prevailing capability of the muscle. 

I’ve mentioned this in additional element in my article on dynamic double development. That is the place you focus in your efficiency on the primary set (the place “score of perceived exertion,” or RPE, comes into play). When you’ve hit the higher finish of the rep vary (e.g., you probably did ten reps when working in an 8-10 vary), you’ll enhance the resistance. You then attempt to enhance on that first set’s efficiency from week to week.

Now, with the myo rep set, the simpler reps early on don’t give your physique any incentive to alter as a result of the muscle already has greater than sufficient assets to finish these reps. That’s why they’re simple. 

Solely whenever you threaten the prevailing limits of the muscle is when your physique says, “okay, it is a actual risk. We have to make some diversifications right here to cope with this.” These previous couple of stimulative reps are normally known as “efficient reps,” whereas the non-stimulative reps that come earlier than are typically known as “junk reps.”

The entire level of the “junk reps” is to ultimately get to the efficient reps. 

You’ll most likely get some progress stimulation when you attain round 4-5 reps shy of failure, but it surely’s not going to be extremely vital. Round 3 reps in reserve is the place one thing legitimately significant goes to occur. Nearer to about 0-2 reps in reserve is the place probably the most vital progress might be triggered. 

So, the concept behind myo reps is that you just’re maximizing the effectivity of your coaching by decreasing the variety of junk reps you’re performing. As a substitute, you might be simply specializing in these prime quality muscle constructing reps close to the purpose of failure. 

Now you’ll discover barely totally different myo rep variations when it comes to the precise rep ranges , relaxation durations, and set counts, however I’ll provide the basic framework under. 

How To Carry out a Myo Rep Set

First, you’re going to begin off with an preliminary “activation set.” 

Now don’t get the unsuitable concept primarily based on the terminology. “Activation set” virtually sounds prefer it’s a warmup, however this preliminary set is way from it. Deal with this set similar to you’ll every other regular muscle constructing set. 

You don’t essentially must go all the best way to failure, though you may if you wish to. However as a basic rule of thumb, simply carry out this set utilizing no matter depth stage you’re aiming for primarily based by yourself coaching method. 

Whether or not meaning all the best way to failure, or 1-2 reps in reserve, use your finest judgment. You also needs to maintain the rep vary for that preliminary set barely larger, normally about 12-20 reps. 

Personally, I’m not a giant fan of actually excessive rep units. 

I believe plenty of occasions, folks find yourself stopping the set not as a result of they’re actually near mechanical muscular failure. As a substitute, they cease as a result of the overall discomfort stage will get too excessive when it comes to muscle burn and cardiovascular stress (and even psychological stress). 

So, I personally wish to maintain it on the decrease finish. In case you favor larger reps, then go for it. However I nonetheless advocate round 12-20 reps must be the usual for the preliminary set. 

After that preliminary set, you’re taking a brief relaxation. The same old suggestion is 3-5 deep breaths or round 10-15 seconds. The exact relaxation interval just isn’t some important issue. However, the primary factor is to only attempt to maintain it constant every time. That approach, you may correctly monitor your progress if you’re utilizing myo reps constantly. 

After that brief relaxation, you decide the burden again up and carry out your first mini-set, that are sometimes between 3-5 reps. Take one other relaxation, do one other 3-5 reps, and repeat that till you’ve carried out 4-5 of these mini units. 

With this method, you’re condensing a really excessive variety of efficient reps down right into a shorter interval. Because of this, you’re optimizing the stimulus to fatigue ratio since you’re performing approach fewer junk reps. 

Take the next state of affairs for example. Say you carry out 5 units of 10 reps. You’d be getting 50 whole reps in and yielding perhaps 15 or so efficient reps. That is assuming you’re getting about 3 per set. However in case you do, say, a 12 rep preliminary set, adopted by 4 mini units of three reps, you’d be getting the identical whole variety of efficient reps, however solely doing 24 reps in whole. This state of affairs, albeit a tough instance, can be twice as environment friendly. 

The precise numbers when it comes to reps and relaxation durations just isn’t what’s most essential right here. However the basic, total method of a better rep set, adopted by a number of decrease rep units with shorter rests in between, is essential because you’re reaching failure every time. 

On the finish of the day, you’re performing numerous efficient reps inside a smaller window. 

Try it out your self and see what you like most when it comes to the rep vary on the activation set, the remainder interval, and the rep counts on the mini units. So long as you will have that total framework in place, that’s what actually issues.

You could be much more environment friendly with this.

Understand that you don’t even essentially must do a excessive rep activation set. One technique I personally use typically is what I might name a “myo rep drop set.” Right here, you should utilize a heavier weight for the preliminary set at a barely decrease rep vary, then simply lighten the burden a bit for the extra mini units. 

Once more, I personally favor coaching in additional average rep ranges. So, what I would do is carry out the preliminary set within the 6-8 rep vary with a heavier weight, take a brief relaxation, after which do the extra mini units for 3-5 reps every utilizing a barely lighter weight. 

Why Would You Use Myo Reps Within the First Place?

The primary and most blatant motive is that myo rep units are extra time environment friendly. 

Relying in your present scenario, if for some motive it is advisable to get out and in of the health club extra rapidly, then clearly myo reps can be helpful for you. 

That doesn’t imply it’s important to do your whole exercise utilizing myo reps for every little thing. One possibility is to do your compound actions utilizing common straight units, after which do your isolations in a myo rep fashion. Or, perhaps you are able to do the primary 2 workouts for a muscle group utilizing straight units, after which use myo reps on the final train. 

Myo reps don’t must be all-or-nothing. They’re one thing you may combine in right here and there to make your coaching extra environment friendly. 

Apart from effectivity, myo reps could be extra useful for you if there’s a sure muscle group you need to convey up. These are the muscle teams you most likely need to enhance the general quantity for. As a substitute of doing 6 additional weekly units for one thing like your higher traps, you could possibly do 1 myo rep set and get the same coaching impact. 

Myo reps may be useful in case you’re in a scenario the place you don’t have entry to heavier weights. Let’s say you solely have sufficient resistance the place it is advisable to be doing 25 reps per set to get near failure. As a substitute, you could possibly do your preliminary set for 25 reps, take your fast relaxation, after which crank out a bunch of these decrease rep mini units within the myo rep vogue. That approach, you’re getting all these efficient reps with out having to utterly reset and do one other 25 reps every time. 

In case you’ve received a minor harm that you just’re attempting to work round, myo reps may be relevant there. Say you’ve received a slight concern together with your decrease again, and the one approach to work round it’s by doing lighter weight leg presses for prime reps. In case you don’t need to do a bunch of units that can fatigue the hell out of you, you are able to do the preliminary lighter set for larger reps, after which do the remainder of your units myo rep fashion. That approach you’re nonetheless lifting that lighter weight, however you’re attending to failure extra effectively. 

Past all these issues, you could possibly additionally simply do myo reps since you take pleasure in them. In case you favor doing myo reps as a substitute of straight units, there’s actually nothing unsuitable with that both. 

In all, there are plenty of potential advantages with this technique. I’s positively one thing to think about in case you match into any of those classes. I’ve used myo reps in my very own coaching and have discovered them efficient for these very causes.

Who Ought to (and When to) Use Myo Reps?

One remaining level I want to make: myo reps are most likely extra of an intermediate and past kind of method.

I wish to see novices construct up their total base utilizing extra conventional strategies. I all the time advocate they begin with primary free weight workouts utilizing common straight units, after which branching out from there. 

Technically, you could possibly do myo reps as a novice in case you implement it correctly and you recognize what you’re doing. However total, I’d say it’s extra geared to these with some affordable lifting expertise below their belt. 

Additionally, you most likely need to be doing this on mechanically less complicated workouts. I wouldn’t advocate doing myo rep squats, customary or Romanian deadlifts, or free weight dumbbell presses the place it’s important to kick the weights into place. You possibly can nonetheless use myo reps on compound workouts, however attempt to not go all the best way to failure. Select actions the place there’s much less margin for error and the place it’s simple to get into place. 

I do suppose, although, that any isolation motion is ok to make use of myo reps with. 

In Conclusion…

Listed here are the details we coated on this article:

  1. Myo reps units are: one common set with a barely larger rep vary, then 4-5 “mini-sets” with barely decrease reps and shorter relaxation durations.
  2. Myo reps eradicate “junk reps” and permit your muscular tissues to realize failure via “efficient reps,” resulting in extra progress. Essentially the most muscle progress happens when you will have about 0-2 reps in reserve. 
  3. Myo reps profit individuals who have much less time within the health club, need to convey up a lagging muscle group, don’t have entry to heavy weights, or are coping with accidents.
  4. Myo reps are an intermediate method, and are advisable for mechanically easy workouts.

Total, this isn’t a method you will need to use. I’m not recommending that you just go and substitute all of your straight units with myo reps. However relying in your present scenario, your objectives, and your preferences, it’s positively a viable possibility within the toolbox to think about.

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