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Enhance Grip Power (4-Step Methodology For Max Power)

If you happen to’re like me, you do loads of body weight workout routines that demand robust grip power.

Handgrip power is important to pushing your self to your limits throughout your exercise.

I used to be performing some hanging leg lifts not too long ago and started to wrestle about halfway by my routine.

(a dangling leg raise is once you cling from a chin-up bar together with your arms straight and raise your legs up till your toes contact the ceiling.)

My abs hadn’t reached full fatigue however I needed to cease as a result of I used to be shedding my grip on the pull-up bar.

I assumed to myself, “Dang! I by no means realized earlier than how necessary good grip power is.”

Why Is My Grip So Weak?

With the intention to carry out hanging leg lifts or any calisthenic train from a chin-up or pull-up bar, you need to have a robust grip.

The muscle groups in your hand, fingers, wrist, and forearm work in tandem to maintain your physique suspended within the air.

Simply figuring out your principal muscle teams persistently isn’t sufficient.

It’s these smaller muscle groups in your arms and forearms that may make or break your long-term outcomes from body weight exercises.

If you happen to lose your grip sooner than your different muscle groups fatigue (like I did) you destroy your possibilities of utilizing the bar as a power instrument.

That’s why I created a straightforward 4 Step Methodology you are able to do so as to add grip workout routines to your routine.

What Muscle tissues Make Up the Grip?

wrist muscle and tendon diagram improve grip strength

What Grip Workouts Enhance Hand Grip?

The forms of grip workout routines that enhance handgrip can vary from finger pinching to wrist curls and squeezing a tennis ball.

Regardless of the routine, you’ll want to give attention to 4 key muscle teams:

  1. Fingers
  2. Palms
  3. Wrists
  4. Forearms

Utilizing isolation workout routines in your grip coaching exercise routines will permit you to enhance grip power to super-natural ranges!

How To Enhance Grip Power (4-Step Methodology)

This 4-Step Methodology may be achieved in 10 minutes or much less 3 to 4 occasions per week.

I favor to do that grip coaching circuit after my common exercise.

Let’s get began!
fingertip squeezes - improve grip strength

Step 1: Fingertip Squeezes (10 reps)

It’s true, there aren’t any muscle groups in your fingers nevertheless, as Movement Orthodontics factors out, every finger has 6 muscle groups controlling its motion.

(the index and little finger every have an additional muscle, by the way in which.)

Many occasions, your fingers might be your weakest hyperlink with regards to having a strong grip.

An effective way to work these muscle groups is thru finger workout routines like fingertip squeezes.

The fingertip squeeze strengthens all of the muscle groups on the inside a part of the hand.

This could be a profit for these with weak arms or these with a weak overhand grip.

You additionally find yourself with a killer pinch grip after just a few weeks of doing these!

You possibly can’t see it within the image however our beginning place is a plank place.

It would be best to place your arms about shoulder-width.

Maintain your weight suspended in your toes and your fingertips.

Upon getting that place, squeeze your fingertips collectively in opposition to the ground.

These might be very small actions and keep correct type.

Do 10 reps. 
hand squeezes improve grip strength

Step 2: Hand Squeezes (10 sec. every hand)

The following train is a yielding isometric known as the hand squeeze.

That simply means we might be utilizing our personal pressure on our arms by squeezing.

It’s much like resistance coaching.

Yielding isometrics can have wonderful results on muscle efficiency and require very minimal motion.

When making an attempt to beat weak grip power, there isn’t any higher grip work than tightly gripping an object.

For this train, you’ll be griping your arms collectively and squeezing as tightly as you possibly can for 10 full seconds.

After you have got completed one facet, flip the arms over as proven within the video under and do one other set.

Doing these workout routines persistently may even contribute to forearm power in the long term.

Step 3: Wrist Lifts (10 reps)

wrist lifts improve grip strength
The third step within the routine known as Wrist Lifts.

We do wrist workout routines as a result of not solely does it enhance our grip nevertheless it additionally has a optimistic correlation with stopping carpal tunnel syndrome and different wrist ache.

You’ll be in a doggy beginning place.

Elevate your wrists up as excessive as you possibly can with the load of your higher physique immediately over them.

Slowly decrease your wrists again down to finish a full rep.

The extra weight you place over your wrists the tougher the train.

Do 10 full reps.

Step 4: 2 Handed Hangs (60 sec.)

The final step known as 2 Handed Hangs.

Primarily, that is simply hanging from a bar.

I exploit this as my “finisher” transfer as a result of it’s enjoyable and it’s an important transfer to attempt to max out.

If you are able to do 60 seconds of those then you definately’ll need to transfer on to the alternate variation under.
one handed hang improve grip strength

Step 4 (Alternate): 1 Handed Hangs (60 sec.)

The 1 Handed Grasp is the alternate variation to the 1 Handed Grasp.

It’s rather more tough and requires you to grip the bar with much more pressure.

As soon as you possibly can maintain a 1 Handed Grasp for 60 seconds on each side contemplate your grip power to be at a really proficient stage.  

Grip Power Routine Video

Grip Power Routine Suggestions

I like to recommend following a schedule of 3-4 days per week.

You possibly can undergo the above routine as soon as, twice, or thrice if desired.

Listed here are some pattern routines to observe:




How Lengthy Will It Take To Have A Sturdy Grip?

It’ll take 9-12 weeks of constant coaching to enhance your grip power.

After all, it’s about consistency and sticking with a grip coaching routine.

If you happen to ever end up turning into much less motivated with this routine don’t be afraid to vary it up or swap up your schedule.

Can You Do Extra Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups With A Stronger Grip?

Sure, completely.

A stronger grip means it is possible for you to to do extra pull-ups and chin-ups.

While you enhance your grip power it additionally contributes to the remainder of your physique as a result of every thing is interconnected.

For instance, for those who enhance your grip power, you’ll have the ability to maintain your self ready for longer which in flip builds endurance.

Then, your whole exercise will enhance and turn out to be extra environment friendly.

Advantages Of Having A Sturdy Grip

Past strengthening your forearm muscle groups, fingers and arms there are numerous advantages to including grip work to your body weight coaching routine.

Listed here are only a few:

  • Grip power may also help forestall tendinitis
  • Lowers your danger of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Cut back dangers of arthritis
  • Extra resilient to accidents

We go deeper into this subject in our Advantages of Including Grip Workouts to your Routine article.

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