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The way to Construct Power on the Backside of the Bench – Women Who Powerlift

Written by Corey Knight

Be taught to like bench! Your thoughts set performs a serious function in progress. In the event you persistently inform your self, your folks and your coach that you just hate bench then you’ll in all probability suck at it. Change your perspective. Are you able to strategy the bench from a analysis perspective? This helps me so much to get via one thing I am not good at or do not know wish to do. As a result of then I see all the things as trial and error.

So, how do you construct strenght for you bench press? From the underside up. Here is how!

BUILD YOUR CHEST: The chest is the principle mover in getting the bar off your chest. 

As powerlifters we do numerous leveraging weight however in some unspecified time in the future you simply need to get stronger. 

Decrease that arch. Arching is nice however I prefer to take away all benefits if we now have greater than 10 weeks till the meet. Reducing your arch, and including that vary of movement again in your bench is actually nice to construct these deep chest fibers that havent been labored. 

*Professional tip. Be sure to nonetheless follow your competitors bench press setup. We do not wish to overlook what that looks like. 

Secondary actions:

Pin Press: Please perceive I am not referring to benching to pin, I imply a PIN PRESS. They’re very totally different. Benching to pins you’ll nonetheless have some saved inertia from decreasing the bar however with a real pin press there isn’t any inertia. Constructing power to interrupt the bar off the pins is the place it’s at!

Set the pins so the bar is about an inch off your chest. Now wiggle your method underneath the bar, get as set as you’ll be able to and press. You’ll instantly really feel humbled lol, however growing this secondary motion has an enormous carry over.


Cease being a powerlifter right here and study one thing from bodybuilding  and truly develop some muscle. Do not throw the load round, stretch and flex the muscle. And document what you probably did! When is the final time you hit a rep PR on an adjunct? 

One lifter I do know that has been within the sport some time and is at all times in an ideal temper advised me they monitor all equipment actions, weight and rep. This manner 90% off the time they go away the fitness center hitting some sort of PR

DB Bench (incline, flat, decline): I like dumbbell work so every arm has to work by itself. That is additionally a great way to verify one aspect is insanely stronger than the opposite which can lead to uneven lockout.

DB Flooring Fly: I received these from my husband who received them from Josh Bryant of @jailhousestrong. YouTube “Dumbbell Paused Flooring Fly” and it comes proper up. 

Wonderful motion and it, like pin presses,  will humble you as a result of there’s much less stretch reflex if you embrace the pause. 

*Professional tip right here is to essentially squeeze the load together with your chest off the ground dont simply carry your fingers collectively. 

Hope this helps you develop your bench press! Strive these and tell us what you suppose!

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