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The Finest StairMaster Exercise for Your Expertise Stage

Even essentially the most devoted barbell aficionados might look the best way of the cardio flooring each from time to time — particularly when the ability of social media compels them. StairMaster machines have been round because the Nineteen Eighties, however they’ve climbed to the highest of health developments as soon as extra. This cardio machine’s second within the solar is well-deserved — a very good StairMaster exercise raises your coronary heart fee and taxes your muscle mass.

A fit person working out on a stairmaster.
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Right here’s your information to StairMasters (which is a particular model of stair climber that usually stands in as a catch-all for the machines usually), full with three StairMaster exercises you’ll be able to attempt, based mostly in your health degree and targets. 

Editor’s Observe: The content material on BarBend is supposed to be informative in nature, however it shouldn’t be taken as medical recommendation. When beginning a brand new coaching routine and/or weight loss plan, it’s all the time a good suggestion to seek the advice of with a trusted medical skilled. We aren’t a medical useful resource. The opinions and articles on this website will not be supposed to be used as prognosis, prevention, and/or therapy of well being issues. They don’t seem to be substitutes for consulting a certified medical skilled.

Why We Just like the StairMaster

Let’s face it: cardio won’t be your favourite factor to do on the health club. That’s why it helps to have so many toys to select from. However whether or not you wish to use the StairMaster, treadmill, elliptical, bike, or one thing else, they’ll all enhance conditioning and enhance your coronary heart well being. The extra work you place in, the extra you’ll get out of every cardio machine.

The StairMaster stands out as a result of you’ll be able to hit a better depth in a shorter period of time. Stair steppers are a beast at citing your coronary heart fee and taxing your core and decrease physique muscle mass abruptly. Plus, it’s extra low-impact in your joints than working throughout a treadmill exercise

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On TikTok, the recognition of the 25-7-2 exercise by person @shutupcamilla has shot up partly as a result of it’s so easy: you’ll do the StairMaster at degree seven for 25 minutes, two occasions per week. This matches the viral 12-3-30 exercise in simplicity, the place you stroll on a treadmill at a 12 % incline at a 3.0 pace for half-hour. 

Stair climbers are appropriate for gymgoers from newcomers to high-intensity interval coaching (HIIT) fanatics. Whereas we received’t surrender on power coaching (by no means), stair climbers allow you to really feel a powerful burn in your legs and glutes whereas ramping up your coronary heart fee in a short time. Extra bang on your buck is the secret right here.

Strive This StairMaster Exercise

Prepared to provide it a attempt? Step on up. You don’t want an precise StairMaster right here — use no matter model of stair stepper your health club has. Discover the exercise that matches you under and get climbing.

If You’re a Newbie

Novices will wish to get acquainted with the StairMaster earlier than kicking issues up, and correct kind is essential. You might need seen recommendation on TikTok to keep away from utilizing the handrails so you’re employed your core muscle mass and higher physique extra. However in the event you can’t keep upright with out them, you run the chance of some decrease again compensation — we all know from our early days. 

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On this StairMaster exercise for newcomers, begin at a low sufficient degree to see in the event you can keep away from the handrails. (It’s OK in the event you want them — simply attempt to use your fingers for stability quite than counting on the rails for full-body stability.) You’ll heat up, regularly improve the resistance, work your method again down, and end with a cool-down for a complete of half-hour (shorter if wanted).

Newbie StairMaster Exercise

  1. Step up onto the StairMaster. Heat up with 5 minutes at degree two
  2. Improve to degree three for 5 minutes. Stand tall and have interaction your core — observe climbing with out the handrails (it’s OK in the event you want them, however go slowly sufficient that you just’re not absolutely leaning on them).
  3. Improve to degree 4 or 5 for 10 minutes (shorter if wanted) Push by means of your heels as you step to have interaction your glutes.
  4. Decrease again to degree three for 5 minutes. Preserve your correct kind. Proceed participating your glutes, hamstrings, and quads.
  5. Calm down with 5 extra minutes at degree two.

You may play with the degrees and improve them as you get used to it. Working with a private coach can even enable you to discover the suitable resistance on your health degree. 

Modification: For a lot of athletes, the five-minute warm-up might properly really feel like a complete exercise. That’s OK. For those who’re exhausted by the top of the warm-up, then you’ll be able to name it a day and construct up regularly from there. Begin wherever you’re at and know that with every session, you’ll achieve extra power and ability.

If You Know What “StairMaster” Means

You’re already conversant in the StairMaster and also you’re prepared to essentially — ahem — grasp it. Intermediate athletes might wish to attempt a steady-state cardio exercise just like the 25-7-2 StairMaster exercise. This includes typically sustaining the identical tempo, coronary heart fee, and depth for an extended time period.

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Regular-state cardio is nice for rising endurance and customarily cardiovascular health. As lifters, we additionally prefer it on our energetic restoration days.

Intermediate StairMaster Exercise

  1. Step up onto the machine. Heat up with 5 minutes at degree 4 or 5.
  2. Improve to degree six, seven, eight, or 9. Discover the extent at which you’ll preserve correct kind with out holding the handrails. Proceed for 25 minutes.
  3. Sluggish it right down to degree 4 or 5 for 3 minutes.
  4. Calm down for 2 extra minutes at degree two or three.

Modification: For those who’re gasping for breath throughout your exercise, decrease the extent. The thought right here is that your respiration needs to be elevated however not overly tough. For those who can’t handle to say a sentence or two, cut back the depth.

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If You’re Trying to Grind

If you wish to actually go exhausting in your cardio exercise, the StairMaster is your greatest buddy. It’s good for a fast and sweaty HIIT exercise, with out all that heavy banging in your joints. If you desire a break from hammering your joints and tissues throughout intense dash exercises, attempt some HIIT on the StairMaster.

A fit person working out on a stairmaster.
Credit score: ViDI Studio / Shutterstock

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Superior StairMaster Exercise

For this HIIT exercise, you’ll choose two ranges. One might be your all-out, max-effort degree — let’s say 12. The opposite might be your restoration degree — we’ll say eight. Mess around till you discover the right numbers for you.

  1. Step up and heat up for 5 minutes at a average degree.
  2. Full one minute at degree 12 (or your max degree).
  3. Get well for 2 minutes at degree eight (or your restoration degree).
  4. Proceed for 4 to 6 rounds.
  5. Calm down for 5 minutes at a sluggish to average degree.

Modification: Simply because the examples listed here are ranges 12 and eight, don’t really feel the necessity to keep in that vary. You would possibly push it exhausting at degree seven and take your restoration durations at degree three. No matter works on your physique is the most suitable choice for you.

Advantages of the StairMaster

Why trouble stair climbing? Listed below are the highest advantages of sweating it out on the steps at your subsequent cardio exercise.

  • Cardio Is Good For You: Sorry, however it’s true. The StairMaster is a spectacular type of cardio train. Commonly doing cardio train is well-known to spice up your coronary heart well being, assist stop cardiovascular illnesses, enhance blood move, strengthen your immune system, and enable you to sleep higher. It will possibly even have psychological well being advantages and might contribute to boosting your temper and self-image. (1)(2)
  • Elevates Coronary heart Fee Rapidly: Stair steppers usually elevate your coronary heart fee faster than different cardio machines as a result of the resistance has you participating a number of huge muscle teams. You could possibly get an analogous cardio stimulus with out doing one thing extra high-impact, like working.
  • Burns Fats: Some say the 25-7-2 StairMaster exercise gives you abs. You in all probability already know you construct abs, like several muscle, by means of resistance coaching and diet. To see your abs, chances are you’ll must lose physique fats. There’s nothing magical in regards to the StairMaster and abs, sadly. Utilizing it to burn energy by means of steady-state cardio or HIIT exercises may help, however you’ll seemingly have to be in a calorie deficit — which is essentially about your dietary plan.
  • Strengthens Glutes and Legs: The StairMaster doesn’t essentially construct muscle. However, as a result of resistance and motion sample of stair climbing, it really works your glutes, quads, and hamstrings greater than different cardio machines. 
  • Works Core Muscle groups: Staying upright and avoiding the handrails will work all of your core muscle mass to maintain your backbone straight. Whereas it’s not fairly a full-body exercise, it’s extra muscle engagement than another cardio machines.

Climbing Up

For those who’re something like us, even once you’re not on the health club, you’re nonetheless considering in regards to the health club. You’re in all probability scrolling health content material on social media, researching dietary supplements, and planning your subsequent coaching session. No surprise StairMaster exercises have crossed your social feed.

These exercises elevate your coronary heart fee and tax your decrease physique muscle mass tremendously. Novices can begin sluggish to work their method up, intermediates can attempt steady-state cardio, and superior athletes will love a troublesome HIIT session. Step on up.


Let’s wrap up with some widespread questions on the StairMaster.

How lengthy ought to I work out on the StairMaster? 

It is dependent upon what sort of exercise you’re doing. You are able to do a HIIT exercise in 10 to twenty minutes. For a steady-state cardio session, goal for at the least 30. For those who can’t get to these numbers, don’t fear — begin the place you’re at (even at 5 minutes or much less) and construct up regularly from there. Some observe is a lot better than none.

Can I lose stomach fats with the StairMaster? 

Positive, in the event you’re utilizing the stair climber as a part of a extra complete coaching and diet plan. However you’ll be able to’t spot-reduce it, or goal stomach fats particularly. 
The thought is that to lose any physique fats, it is advisable to expend extra power than you absorb. Utilizing the StairMaster may help you burn energy and improve your complete day by day power expenditure (TDEE), probably aiding your general weight reduction efforts.

What’s going to the StairMaster do for my physique?

The StairMaster may help enhance coronary heart well being and cardiovascular health. It’ll additionally strengthen your glutes, legs, and core muscle mass. It tends to be extra low-impact in your joints than working. 


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Featured Picture: Credit score: ViDI Studio / Shutterstock

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