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Cardarine Earlier than and After Outcomes (-10% Physique Fats)

Dr George TouliatosDisclaimer: Cardarine is just for use for analysis functions, as it’s a non-FDA-approved compound and thus might trigger hostile results. If in case you have any questions or issues, Dr. Touliatos is at the moment obtainable for session.

Cardarine (GW501516) is a PPARδ agonist utilized by weightlifters to considerably improve fats loss and muscular endurance (1).

We now have revealed a couple of cardarine earlier than and after photographs beneath, so customers can know visually how a lot fats loss to count on from a cardarine cycle and what doses are the best.

Cardarine Earlier than and After #1

cardarine before and after

This person carried out a 12-week cycle of cardarine at 20 mg/day. In whole, he misplaced 40 kilos and achieved seen abs by the top of the cycle.

He seems to have misplaced roughly 10% of physique fats, which in any other case may have taken 20 weeks or longer by pure means (by consuming a 500-calorie deficit weight-reduction plan).

Cardarine Earlier than and After #2

cardarine before and after 2

This person took 10 mg/day of cardarine for simply 4 weeks and misplaced 20 kilos. His physique fats share seems to have decreased by roughly 4%.

These outcomes are spectacular, given the low dosage and brief cycle length.

He additionally skilled important enhancements in endurance throughout his cardio exercises. These had been particularly evident after the second week.

Cardarine Earlier than and After #3

cardrine and rad 140 before and after

This person didn’t state his dose or cycle size. Nonetheless, he did reveal that he misplaced 90 kilos in 8 months after combining cardarine with a long-term calorie deficit weight-reduction plan.

Cardarine Earlier than and After #4

Cardarine Earlier than and After Outcomes (-10% Physique Fats)

This person misplaced 20 kilos following an 8-week cycle of 20 mg/day of ostarine and 10 mg/day of cardarine. He mixed cardarine with the next approximate macronutrient values: 200g of protein, 165g of carbohydrates, and 60g of dietary fats. This person additionally reported his endurance bettering exceptionally.

He carried out an 8-week PCT, though in our expertise, that is pointless, as ostarine won’t fully shut down testosterone ranges however as an alternative trigger reasonable suppression. Thus, solely a 4-week PCT is important.

Cardarine Cycle

Primarily based on the cardarine earlier than and after photos above, here’s what a typical cardarine cycle seems like:

  • 10–20 mg/day for 8–12 weeks

You will need to perceive that cardarine is just not FDA-approved, and thus it is vitally a lot an experimental drug. Because of this its results will not be absolutely recognized at this level, so if somebody goes to take it, conservative doses ought to be utilized. We now have seen a conservative dose of 10 mg/day for 8 weeks nonetheless produce wonderful fats loss outcomes.

How A lot Weight Will I Lose on Cardarine?

How a lot weight an individual loses on cardarine will rely on their coaching, genetics, weight-reduction plan, dose, and cycle length.

It’s unclear if a 20 mg/day dose of cardarine is definitely stronger for dropping fats mass than 10 mg/day.

Judging by the customers’ earlier than and after photos above, 20 mg might not provide any extra lipolytic results.

A person taking 10 mg/day of cardarine for 8 weeks and adopting a calorie-deficit weight-reduction plan is prone to lose 20–30 kilos.

Are the Fats-Burning Results of Cardarine Everlasting?

Sure, the fats loss from cardarine is everlasting, and thus a person will simply want to keep up their physique fats share by consuming upkeep energy to maintain their outcomes.

Nonetheless, the endurance results of cardarine are partially momentary as a result of mitochondrial biogenesis. We now have seen customers retain some enhancements in stamina, which can be attributed to muscle reminiscence.

Does Cardarine Grow to be Much less Efficient With Every Cycle?

Sure, we discover that customers expertise important weight reduction throughout their first cardarine cycle, after which the second cycle is considerably much less efficient, and so forth with every cycle. That is the physique increase a tolerance to the PPARδ agonist.

Cardarine’s Results

Coronary heart Well being

We now have seen cardarine enhance sufferers’ lipid profiles by growing HDL (high-density lipoprotein) ldl cholesterol.

In scientific research, we see a 10mg dose of cardarine trigger a 16.9% improve in HDL ranges (2).

This correlates with our anecdotal findings, the place we sometimes observe a 20% improve in HDL and a ten% discount in LDL.


In our expertise, some customers can take cardarine, and their ALT and AST scores stay steady after an 8-week cycle. Nonetheless, others can take it and expertise irregular liver perform.

In medical analysis, we see a connection between liver fibrosis and cardarine (3). Different analysis exhibits that it might give protection to the liver through beta-oxidation regulation (4). Thus, it’s not absolutely understood why cardarine is hepatotoxic to some customers and never for others. Nonetheless, if a person’s liver is at the moment infected or broken, after which they take cardarine, their situation could also be exacerbated through the idea of mobile proliferation.

We now have discovered that 500 mg/day of TUDCA can deliver down ALT and AST enzymes for these wanting most safety.


Very excessive doses of cardarine have brought on most cancers in rodents; thus, there seems to be some carcinogenic danger with cardarine. Dropping the dose to 10mg and performing brief cycles (4-6 weeks) is prone to cut back this danger; nevertheless, it’s one thing to pay attention to.

Anecdotally, we’ve seen varied folks take cardarine and stay in good well being; nevertheless, these with a predisposition for most cancers ought to keep away from it.

Word: Cardarine and SARMs will not be at the moment authorized for human use.


Does Cardarine Construct Muscle?

There’s proof of cardarine having anabolic results in analysis, with customers gaining 1.3kg after taking 10 mg/day for 12 weeks (5). This makes it much more fascinating from a chopping perspective, as it’s going to promote muscle retention when in a calorie deficit.

Can I take SARMs or Anabolic Steroids with Cardarine?

cardarine bottle
Many customers stack cardarine with different SARMs like ostarine, RAD 140, or stenabolic (not technically a SARM). Nonetheless, such stacks will exacerbate liver values, and thus ALT and AST enzymes ought to be monitored usually all through a cycle.

Stacking cardarine with oral anabolic steroids will even improve hepatotoxicity and cardiotoxicity. Injectable anabolic steroids will simply trigger the latter.

Can Girls Take Cardarine?

Girls can take cardarine and expertise distinctive fats loss and endurance like males, though their doses will must be adjusted to their physique weight. 7.5–10 mg/day ought to be thought of an ordinary dose for girls, with a cycle lasting 4-6 weeks.

We now have not discovered cardarine to trigger any masculinization results in girls.

Pregnant girls ought to keep away from cardarine as a result of its potential hurt to growing fetuses.


We now have not come throughout an anabolic steroid, SARM, or PED that burns fats as potently as cardarine.

Its results are really outstanding at decreasing fats mass, and thus it provides nice promise as a possible therapy for weight problems.

Nonetheless, there are nonetheless worries about how carcinogenic cardarine is, so folks mustn’t consider this PPARε agonist as secure till extra analysis is finished on its results concerning cell proliferation (particularly within the pancreas).

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