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How To Do the Frog Pose for Higher Hip Flexibility and Posture

Whether or not you spend all day confined to your workdesk or are a full-time powerlifter, there’s a very good probability you’ve bought tight hips. Fortunately, the correct mobility work can assist you open up your hips and alleviate discomfort each in on a regular basis life and through your exercises.

The frog pose comes from Sanskrit yoga, the place it is named Mandukasana. This yoga pose primarily targets your hips, particularly your adductors and glutes. It’s one thing you are able to do within the health club as a part of your warm-up routine, or at residence if issues are feeling tight. Right here’s how you can leap into the frog pose.

How To Do the Frog Pose

The frog pose is an intermediate-to-advanced static stretch generally carried out throughout yoga routines. For those who’re a fan of energy coaching, you need to use the frog pose to enhance hip mobility, which ought to carry over to a few of your favourite leg workout routines.

Gear Wanted: All you’ll want for the frog pose is your self. For those who don’t have a cushioned floor to follow on, you would possibly need to think about grabbing a big yoga or train mat

  • Step 1 — Get down right into a quadruped, on-all-fours place as you’ll for a bear plank or most push-up variations. Put your palms on the ground instantly underneath your shoulders and situate your knees underneath your hips. 
  • Step 2 — Collect your self, after which exhale whereas slowly sliding your knees laterally out to the aspect so far as your flexibility permits. 
  • Step 3 — Hold the insides of your knees, your shins, and your ankles involved with the ground as you push deeper into the stretch. At a sure level, you could must drop down onto your forearms slightly than supporting your self along with your palms. 
  • Step 4 — When you hit your restrict, pause there and follow low, deep breaths, permitting the ground to passively stretch out your hips and groin. 

Modifications: For those who’re experiencing knee ache, attempt putting two small towels underneath every of your knees, although keep in mind that this will make your motion a bit slippery. It’s also possible to keep perched up on straight arms slightly than dropping to your elbows. 

Coach’s Tip: As with every yoga pose, respiration is important to feeling calm and centered throughout frog pose. Take lengthy breaths via your nostril and exhale via your mouth, contracting the muscle mass in your decrease stomach as you breathe out. 

Frog Pose Variations

The frog pose may be extremely difficult to the muscle mass and comfortable tissues in your groin. For those who’re not fairly prepared to include it into your routine, listed below are a few appropriate variations you are able to do as an alternative. 

Half Frog Rock

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Why Do It: This pose is nice if you wish to actually problem your hip flexibility however want a bit extra exterior stability. Stretching one hip at a time reduces general discomfort and allows you to maintain onto one thing for assist if wanted.

  1. Get right into a full kneeling quadruped place after which kick one leg out to the aspect till that knee is totally straight.
  2. The kneecap of your “down” or assist leg must be consistent with the toes of your straightened leg if seen from the aspect. 
  3. Help your self along with your palms underneath your shoulders after which use the ground to softly push your buttocks backward to sink into the stretch.

Wall Frog

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Why Do It: Wall frogs are an important newbie variation of the frog pose. Having assist from each the ground and the wall permits you to management how aggressive the stretch is always whereas counting on exterior assist as wanted. 

  1. Lie on the ground in your again and scoot your butt up in opposition to a wall.
  2. Stroll your toes up the wall after which convey them again down till they’re pressed in opposition to the wall and your knees are at a 90-degree angle. 
  3. From right here, open your knees, parting your legs and pushing your kneecaps outward to the aspect (along with your palms if desired) to stretch your groin. 

Frog Pose Alternate options

The frog pose is all nicely and good, however it isn’t the one method to open up your hips. If you wish to stretch and strengthen your hips and thighs on the similar time, think about performing some energy coaching workout routines as an alternative. Strive these two strikes: 

Sumo Deadlift

A person doing the sumo deadlift.

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Why Do It: For those who had been to view the beginning place of the sumo deadlift along with your head tilted, it might look remarkably just like a very good frog pose. Sumo deadlifts are fashionable in powerlifting as a result of they allow you to transfer plenty of weight effectively, however the wide-legged posture can also be nice for stretching your groin muscle mass. 

  1. Load up a barbell with a pair of plates and step as much as it. Take a really extensive stance and switch your toes outward considerably (suppose 10 and a pair of on a clock face).
  2. Exhale and slowly sink your hips straight downward towards the barbell, forcefully pushing your knees out towards the plates. 
  3. Proceed dropping your hips till you’ll be able to attain the bar and seize it with a shoulder-width, double overhand grip.
  4. Be certain that your again is flat, then brace your core. Push into the bottom along with your legs to face up with the bar. 

Cossack Squat

A person doing the cossack squat.

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Why Do It: You may get particular and cargo the groin muscle mass by performing the Cossack squat. This unilateral leg train stretches and strengthens your hip adductors concurrently. 

  1. Stand upright and clasp your palms collectively at chest degree. If you wish to add weight, maintain a dumbbell or kettlebell within the goblet squat place.
  2. Slide one leg out to the aspect whereas conserving that knee completely straight. 
  3. As you slide your “kickstand” leg out to the aspect, slowly push your hips down and again to take a seat right into a squat.
  4. Pull your straight leg in whereas pushing into the ground along with your bent leg to face up, then carry out the identical movement with the other leg. 

Who Ought to Do the Frog Pose

The frog pose isn’t only for devoted yogis. If you could enhance your blood circulation, flexibility, or simply really feel higher from head to toe, the frog pose is for you. 

Sedentary Folks

There’s no getting round it; bodily inactivity contributes to sore muscle mass, tight and achy joints, and extra. Fortunately, even a small quantity of day by day shifting or stretching can assist you are feeling extra limber and enhance blood circulation. For those who spend plenty of time in a chair or on the sofa, think about performing the frog pose a couple of occasions a day to loosen up your decrease half.

Power Athletes

Getting sturdy doesn’t imply you could quit your mobility — the truth is, performing nicely within the weight room is determined by utilizing a full vary of movement. Tight or restricted hips will make it troublesome to squat deep or carry out workout routines just like the sumo deadlift within the first place. That is the place the frog pose comes into play. 

Advantages of the Frog Pose

The primary cause you’d carry out the frog pose is to extend hip flexibility or alleviate discomfort. However the advantages of this yoga pose go a bit past that. 

Extra Hip Flexibility

The first goal of the frog pose is to loosen your groin. Particularly, your giant and highly effective hip adductor muscle mass, which may develop tight and inhibit free motion. The frog pose particularly targets this space of your hips and allows you to ease into that vary of movement at your personal tempo. 

You Can Go At Your Personal Tempo

Yoga poses scale from introductory to superior. Chances are you’ll be a bit nervous to leap right into a sizzling yoga class with extra skilled practitioners — in such a case, you want at-home yoga poses you are able to do your self. The frog pose is comparatively easy, isn’t particularly acrobatic, and you’ll take it at your personal tempo slightly than diving in . 

Handy To Carry out 

Some yoga poses solely really feel acceptable to carry out in a studio. Others require a number of prep work and development. However the frog pose is accessible and handy; you’ll be able to incorporate it into your body weight train routine, or sink into it a couple of occasions throughout a protracted workday. 

Muscle groups Labored by the Frog Pose

The frog pose solely works a couple of particular muscle mass, however you’re assured to actually get them engaged and into the sport. Right here’s a quick rundown: 

Hip Adductors

There’s no precise muscle known as the “hip adductor” — your adductors describe quite a few totally different muscle mass on the within of your thigh, together with the vastus medialis, rectus femoris, adductor magnus, pectineus, and so forth.

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These tissues both partially or primarily fulfill the function of adducting your hip or thigh, which is to say, convey your leg inward towards your midline. 


Most deep hip stretches will even check your hamstring flexibility to a level. The hamstrings and adductors are intently linked, and inhibition in a single might have an effect on the opposite. Because the hamstrings additionally cross your knee joint, sure frog pose variations will have interaction them a bit greater than the usual motion. 

Deep Core

Most yoga poses have interaction your core to some extent. By deeply flexing your hips, the small supportive muscle mass that connect to your pelvis and assist your stomach must contract isometrically as nicely. 

Frequent Frog Pose Errors

The frog pose could also be an isometric train with no shifting components, actually. That mentioned, you’ll be able to nonetheless diminish the efficacy of the pose by committing these frequent errors: 

Dashing Issues

No yoga pose advantages from haste. Dashing via an intermediate (or frankly even a newbie) yoga pose won’t solely rob you of its advantages, however might even result in straining a muscle within the course of. 

A person doing the frog pose with the guidance of a coach.
Credit score: SOFLETE / Youtube

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Be sure you meet your self the place you’re at; don’t pressure your physique into a spread of movement it’s not accustomed to. Give your self the time you could truly stretch your hips out and be affected person. 

Rounding Your Again

The muscle mass in your hips connect to your pelvis, which may bend forwards and backwards. You must attempt to keep an anterior pelvic tilt and never spherical your backbone like a cat once you carry out the frog pose. For those who really feel the necessity to tuck your tailbone underneath your physique to get additional into the frog pose stretch, you’re forcing a spread of movement you aren’t prepared for .


Don’t rock forwards and backwards once you carry out the frog pose. The intent is to push into the tip vary of your hip mobility after which idle there whereas your thoughts and physique calm down. Rocking your hips forwards and backwards might improve blood circulation, however you could spend time within the uncomfortable parts of the stretch if you wish to reap the advantages. 


For those who’re nonetheless questioning concerning the frog pose, try these frequent questions:

What’s the frog pose good for?

You need to use the frog pose to stretch your internal thighs and open up your hips. The frog pose makes for an important warm-up motion earlier than a lower-body exercise as nicely.

Does the frog pose widen hips?

No, performing the frog pose received’t truly make your hips wider or change your anatomy. What it does do is stretch out the comfortable tissues that connect to your skeleton; your muscle mass, tendons, ligaments, and so forth. 

How lengthy do you have to keep in frog pose?

As with every yoga pose, the size of time you spend in frog pose is determined by your expertise degree. For those who’re new to yoga, the pose would possibly really feel uncomfortable or insupportable for quite a lot of seconds at a time. As a normal rule, to reap the advantages of a static stretch it’s best to carry the place for as much as 60 seconds. 

Featured Picture: SOFLETE / Youtube

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