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Masters of The Universe Revolution, Poisonous Fandom, and The Feminine Character Designs Debate – Femuscleblog

This textual content comprises spoilers. Watch the sequence earlier than studying.

Masters of The Universe Revolution debuted on January 25, 2024. That is one other animated installment primarily based on the favored Mattel toyline. What viewers ought to perceive is that each reveals are miniseries. Whereas Masters of The Universe Revolution is ready in the identical universe, it ought to be deemed as its personal present. The hope is that it turns into a full sequence, with episodes on a seasonal cycle. When Revelations was launched anti-woke tradition warriors started attacking it on-line. Rumors and myths circulated which generated a cut up within the fandom. Poisonous fandoms existed previous to social media. The distinction now’s that it may be amplified. Any present can have points, however some have been making complaints that weren’t justified. The frequent rants have been about girls having muscle or that He-Man was sidelined. Each sequence have He-Man is a vital determine. Girls being sturdy or being muscular shouldn’t be seen as unfavorable. Revolution was being attacked when it was introduced. Taking an goal take a look at the sequence, there are few issues with it. Some changes would have made it higher. Total, it’s price watching in case you are a MOTU fan. Even the detractors will discover one thing they like within the sequence.

   The present begins off with He-Man and the heroic warriors making an attempt to get the souls of Clamp Champ and Fisto from Subternia. Beating Scare Glow Adam discovers his father has an sickness. King Randor is dying. Adam now faces the challenges of being each King and champion. Teela seeing that Adam is misery goes off on a journey to revive Preternia. This fashion King Randor’s soul will go to paradise. In the meantime, Hordak plans to takeover Eternia. To do that they’ve Skeletor trick Adam to handing the throne over to Keldor . Skeletor was at onetime Keldor earlier than changing into Hordak’s pupil. Motherboad, Hordak’s proper hand confederate was in a position to get entry to Fortress Grayskull. Skeletor later betrays Hordak they usually battle for management of Eternia. Teela has to retore Preternia in time to save lots of the magic. He-Man then fights Skeletor turning him again into Keldor.

The notable facet of this installment is that He-Man and Teela are actually a pair. A romantic relationship was implied within the 1983 and 2002 sequence. One other storyline was completed from different iterations. The most important drawback is that the sequence has solely 5 episodes. If you end up executed watching, there’s a need to need extra. Hordak is just not lifeless, however recovering from the battle with Skeletor. It might have been good to see a He-Man versus Hordak battle. That’s most likely going to be for the subsequent sequence. The motion and story labored. The magic and expertise theme was not as fleshed out. There was a battle between the 2, however at occasions it get overshadowed by different components of the present . The minor flaws should not sufficient to wreck the standard. The earlier sequence was ten and that is solely half of that. The miniseries format doesn’t work within the favor of MOTU. Regardless of these minor issues a fan can nonetheless benefit from the present.

  Poisonous fandom has existed earlier than social media and the web. The speed by which vitriol travels is quicker. When the Masters of The Universe Revolution trailer was launched the poisonous part of the fandom started attacking. They asserted that it was bait and change. He-Man didn’t die and he was not changed. On the finish of Revolution Adam determined to abolish the monarchy. Relatively than be King, Adam selected to be champion. Adam was not going to changed. The rationale why sure falsehood unfold have been due to the tradition warfare primarily based Youtube channels. Energy Con revealed the premise of Revelations in 2019. It didn’t generate discontent then. Solely when channels like Clownfish TV , YellowFlash, and Vital Drinker started making movies did the hate explode. If any of those folks bothered to learn Mattel’s web site, it tells followers what they have been getting. What it said was ” a continuation of the basic storyline.” It additionally mentions that there could be ” an evolution of fan favourite characters.” To make clear, Mattel Tv couldn’t get the rights to the Filmation sequence. This explains why She-Ra is just not in Revolution . Based mostly on copyright legislation, they may not name it a sequel. As an alternative producers referred to as it extra of a “non secular sequel.” Viewers ought to simply consider it as one other model. The failure of clear communication and PR enabled rage bait grifters to make a revenue for themselves. Most of their movies focus on franchise they hate or how the whole lot is being ruined. The poisonous part of the fandom supplies no constructive criticism.

    The pointless critique that was made by the poisonous fandom was the character designs. The ladies they stated had an excessive amount of muscle and have been mannish. That is ludicrous, as a result of girls can have athletic physiques. So there was nothing unrealistic about Teela or Evil Lyn. Energy Home Animation did a superb job in each reveals. One can dislike a sure artwork fashion primarily based on preferences or aesthetics. Nevertheless, the tradition warriors are making their objections primarily based on sexist prejudice. This additionally ignores extra critical critiques of character design. The H emblem shouldn’t be given to everybody who makes use of the Sword of Energy. That’s He-Man’s emblem. God Lyn or Skelegod having it is unnecessary. Snake magic Teela was neat idea. Her different kind appeared to be extra She-Ra, relatively than a sorceress of Grayskull. It makes an individual suspect that she is being positioned as an alternative choice to She-Ra. The hope is that the Battleground Teela costume might be used at some stage.

I loved [muscular] Evil Lyn. It was an empowering character as demonstrated by the massive muscle tissues.
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A rage bait fan mocks the God Lyn design within the hyperlink. This reveals a level of sexist and homophobic sentiment

One other query are the varieties on this model of MOTU like DBZ ? He-Man’s new kind is nearer to the 1987 film. Some followers favor his extra acquainted barbarian look. Sure magic types of the characters are going to look higher than others. There are reliable criticisms after which there are complaints with out justification. Athletic character designs on girls didn’t wreck the present.

  Masters of The Universe Revolution ends with Adam and Teela deciding to reside in Fortress Grayskull. Skeletor turned again into Keldor is now imprisoned. Lyn has not reverted to her former methods and reformed. This can be an issue with some followers, who dislike the concept of their villains turning into protagonists. Evil Lyn has change into the Vegeta of MOTU. For many who like her as a villain, the character has left that persona behind. She nonetheless maintains her snark and sarcasm. It will likely be attention-grabbing to see what Lyn does as a Cosmic Enforcer. The top credit score scene additionally present one among Hordak’s associates nursing him again to well being. The Horde has not been defeated. This solely implies that the subsequent installment might be Hordak taking vengeance. Hopefully, the present does effectively sufficient that it will get extra installments or change into greater than only a miniseries. Masters of The Universe Revolution mustn’t finish on a cliffhanger. Ideally, the Horde ought to get one other arc adopted by King Hiss. MOTU nonetheless has nice potential for storytelling. Masters of The Universe Revolution is a wild mixture of journey and motion. Followers of the toyline and cartoon will take pleasure in this model of MOTU.

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