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4-Time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler’s Information to a Huge Again

Twenty-one working units comprise Cutler’s high-volume pull days.

A sculpted, muscular again enhances a physique’s aesthetics and may enhance performance and posture. In bodybuilding, a time-honored adage states, “Bodybuilding exhibits are gained from the again.” This underlines prioritizing again coaching for aspiring, newbie, and elite bodybuilders. However what sort of programming does a top-tier bodybuilder use to construct their again?

On Feb. 3, 2024, four-time Mr. Olympia champion Jay Cutler revealed a video on his YouTube channel, sharing a exercise and suggestions for sculpting a barn door again (i.e., hypertrophy, hypertrophy, hypertrophy). Test it out under:

Cutler revealed that again exercises, following legs, are his second favourite coaching day. His least favourite is arms. Cutler hit the fitness center after consuming three meals and downing a pre-workout shake:

Jay Cutler’s Again Exercise 

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Reverse Lat Pulldown & Plate-Loaded Machine Pullover

An underhand grip allows Cutler’s superior lat contractions in comparison with a pronated variation. Thicker and wider lats enhance the entrance double bicep pose, which is a staple pose for Males’s Open opponents. Cutler carried out a pair of feeder units adopted by three working units of reverse lat pulldowns. A trio of working units on machine pullovers additional loaded the lats:

I’m pulling with the elbows like I’m doing the Christmas tree [pose].

Cutler confused the importance of studying by remark and experimentation, recalling his early days within the fitness center when social media and on-line tutorials had been nonexistent.

Lat Pulldown & T-Bar Row

The 50-year-old Cutler carried out three units of lat pulldowns within the 10-12 rep vary. He progressed every rep by his full vary of movement, stopping simply shy of full elbow extension to take care of fixed rigidity on the lats.

Cutler opened with 90 kilos on the machine T-bar rows, performing his ultimate set with 115 kilos. He emphasised the significance of mind-muscle connection to appreciably contract the lats to their totally shortened place to advertise hypertrophy. (1)

Cutler favors the standing T-bar row machine over the chest-supported variant. “[Standing T-bar row] is likely one of the hardest again workout routines,” stated Cutler, who has to take care of his torso at 45 levels whereas pulling the elbows in tight to load his center and higher again.

Incline Dumbbell Row & Seated Cable Row

The Massachusetts native set an incline bench at 45 levels and positioned his decrease chest over the sting of the again pad. He grabbed the J-bells with a pronated grip and externally rotated his wrists on concentrics, retracting his scapula on the high of every rep, and paused. 

Cutler employed a shoulder-wide grip on seated cable rows. He pulled the bar to his stomach button, driving by his elbows to bias the decrease lats


Cutler highlighted the significance of balancing the variety of units and reps with the burden used, suggesting that efficient again coaching doesn’t at all times imply lifting the heaviest weights. Moderately, muscle engagement and enough contraction will promote muscle development.

“Deadlifts work the entire physique,” stated Cutler as he pulled 225 kilos for 9 reps to shut out his session. 

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Featured picture: @jaycutler on Instagram

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