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One Rep Max Calculator: Backed By Science

Use this calculator to estimate your 1 Rep Max. With this data, you may design more practical exercises. Simply enter the burden you lifted for any train and the variety of reps you probably did at that weight. Then, the 1RM calculator does the remaining.


Enter how a lot you lifted and with what number of reps to see your 1 rep most (1RM).

Coach’s Tip: Add your most up-to-date private greatest, choosing the bottom rep depend to reinforce accuracy. Bear in mind, the next variety of reps (+8) could compromise precision.

How This 1 Rep Max Calculator Works

This One Rep Max (1RM) Calculator is designed for any raise and precisely estimates your max with out risking a one rep take a look at.

Now, you may plan your exercises with the proper weight to propel you towards your targets, whether or not that is energy, energy, or dimension.

As an alternative of utilizing the favored Epley or Brzycki formulation, our calculator attracts on the analysis of Mayhew et al., which our analysis reveals to be extra correct. It is also extra complicated, which is why our user-friendly calculator affords precision with out the headache of crunching numbers (until you are into that, by which case, dive into the particulars beneath).

In the event you need assistance designing your exercises, think about working with considered one of our energy coaches to get a customized program.

How To Plan Exercises with Your 1RM

Use your one-rep-max to find out how a lot weight to raise primarily based in your objective.

  • For Power, use 95% of Your 1RM: Get near your 1RM to achieve most energy. Sticking to 1 to three reps with a spotter for security is right for breaking private data.
  • For Energy, use 90% of Your 1RM: That is important for athletes searching for fast drive era. Go for explosive lifts at 3 to 4 reps, permitting adequate relaxation for optimum energy.
  • For Dimension, use 80% of Your 1RM: Hit the muscle-building candy spot by balancing depth and quantity. Goal 7 to 12 reps with minimal relaxation to stimulate muscle growth.
  • For Endurance, use 70% of Your 1RM: Good for stamina, particularly in endurance sports activities. Have interaction in no-rest circuits at 12 to twenty reps to spice up depth and metabolic fee.

This methodical strategy empowers you to sculpt your coaching exactly, whether or not your objective is velocity, energy, or stamina, by leveraging the strategic insights out of your 1RM.

Do you need to improve your one rep max? Take a look at our full posts about the best way to improve bench press, squat, and deadlift energy.

The Science Behind Our Calculator

Most on-line one-rep max calculators use the formulation from Epley or Brzycki, that are primarily based on a poundage chart from the 80s and a e-book from the 90s, respectively.

Nonetheless, customers have complained these calculators estimate too excessive.

That is why we went with the Mayhew formulation, which is predicated on extra in depth analysis from 2008. It additionally incorporates an exponential decay perform relative to the variety of reps, which is why it has been confirmed to be one of the crucial correct formulation.

Mayhew et al. One Rep Max Components:

Mayhew one rep max calculator
  • w is the burden lifted,
  • r is the variety of repetitions carried out
  • e is the bottom of the pure logarithm (roughly equal to 2.71828).

Mayhew thought-about the exponential relationship between the burden lifted and repetitions accomplished. This strategy is tailor-made to replicate actual human energy capabilities extra precisely than linear fashions.

What number of reps is greatest for powerlifting? Take a look at our full information.


Is PR and one-rep max the identical?

No, PR (Private Document) and one-rep max (1RM) will not be the identical. A PR refers back to the heaviest weight you’ve got ever lifted in a selected train, representing your all-time greatest achievement. In distinction, a 1RM denotes the utmost weight you may raise proper now, reflecting your present energy stage. Though a PR and a 1RM could be similar, they could differ if, for instance, your energy has decreased over time as a consequence of elements like growing old.

What is an efficient 1RM for bench press, squat, and deadlift?

Take a look at the typical energy requirements for bench press, squat, and deadlift to see how your lifts evaluate with individuals your age and weight. For instance, a 163-pound male who’s 18 years previous ought to be capable of bench press 235 lbs, squat 361 lbs, and deadlift 425 lbs.

How one can carry out a 1RM Check?

To carry out a 1RM take a look at, heat up with gentle workout routines. Begin with a weight you may raise 6-10 occasions. Steadily improve weight in small increments, resting 3-5 minutes between units till you discover the utmost weight you may raise as soon as however not twice. All the time prioritize type and security.


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