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Take a Dunk if You Need, However Don’t Count on Extra

Results of cold-water immersion in contrast with different restoration modalities on athletic efficiency following acute strenuous train in bodily energetic individuals: A scientific assessment, meta-analysis, and meta-regresssion.

Moore E, Fuller JT, Bellenger CR, Saunders S, Halson SL, Broatch JR, Buckley JD. Sports activities Med. 2022 Dec 17. doi: 10.1007/s40279-022-01800-1. Epub forward of print. PMID: 36527593.

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Take-Dwelling Message

Throughout restoration after train, cold-water immersion (CWI) provides comparable advantages to different restoration strategies, together with energetic restoration.


Chilly-water immersion (CWI) is one in every of many strategies meant to hurry up restoration after coaching and competitions. Nevertheless, it’s unclear if CWI performs higher than different generally used restoration modalities.

Research Purpose

The researchers carried out a scientific assessment and meta-analysis to check CWI to different modalities with respect to athlete notion, physiologic change, and train efficiency outcomes.


The authors recognized 28 articles by way of an exhaustive literature seek for articles assembly particular standards: (1) peer-reviewed randomized managed trials, (2) included bodily energetic individuals, (3) used CWI comply with acute bodily exercise, (4) included one other intervention for restoration, and (5) outcomes included recuperate of train efficiency, muscular energy, or physiological, or perceptual markers of restoration. They excluded articles if the individuals obtained CWI paired with one other intervention or if individuals accomplished a couple of train session. The authors extracted knowledge from included articles: publication data, examine methodology, participant data, CWI protocol, comparator restoration protocol, and evaluation measures. They then assessed the standard of every examine with the SIGN guidelines for randomized scientific trials. Throughout analyses, the authors examined follow-up assessments at 1, 24, 48, and 72 hours after therapy. Different remedies sometimes included energetic restoration, therapeutic massage, distinction water remedy, heat water immersion, and cryotherapy.


General, the standard of included research was low, with just one deemed “top quality” and 24 being “acceptable high quality.” In comparison with different restoration strategies, the authors discovered that CWI sometimes had restricted or no impact on the notion of restoration and restoration of 1) delayed-onset muscle soreness, 2) energy efficiency, 3) energy, 4) flexibility, or 5) physiological markers of muscle injury. Water temperature and therapy period didn’t relate to outcomes after CWI.


Chilly water immersion is akin to different restoration modalities, if not barely higher. Nevertheless, the exception was that air cryotherapy, which can outperform CWI, however future research want to substantiate this. Finally, CWI is extra clinically accessible than air cryotherapy and needs to be acceptable since it’s akin to different restoration strategies. In truth, there was virtually no distinction between energetic restoration and CWI, providing a extra sensible and simply accessible restoration methodology for recreationally energetic folks and people with out entry to CWI. It might have been fascinating to know if the outcomes for CWI differed if the individual did partial or whole-body immersion.

Medical Implications

Clinicians should be conscious that CWI provides no to minimal enchancment in restoration in comparison with different restoration strategies. They need to talk these findings to sufferers to allow them to make knowledgeable therapy selections about whether or not to carry out CWI, air cryotherapy, or energetic restoration.

Questions for Dialogue

In what circumstances do you, as a clinician, desire CWI over different restoration strategies? What suggestions have you ever gotten out of your sufferers?

Written by Kyle Harris
Reviewed by Jeffrey Driban

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