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Free Push Pull Legs Exercise Routines: 2-6 Day Applications

Push pull legs” routines have been among the many hottest exercise splits for many years.

The first causes they’ve stood the check of time are they practice all main muscle teams, permit loads of time for restoration, and are customizable relying in your targets, schedule, and expertise degree.

They’re simple to know, too.

So, when you’re trying to achieve muscle and energy as shortly as doable and never afraid of a little bit of heavy compound weightlifting, then the “PPL” break up could be your golden ticket.

On this article, you’ll uncover what the push pull legs routine is, its advantages, extremely efficient PPL instance routines for coaching 2-to-6 days weekly, how one can progress on a PPL exercise break up, and extra.

What Is the Push Pull Legs (PPL) Cut up?

The push pull legs routine, often known as the push/pull/legs exercise break up or PPL break up, is a weightlifting program involving three sorts of exercises:

  1. Push exercises
  2. Pull exercises
  3. Legs exercises

A push exercise trains all the primary upper-body muscle tissues that push issues away out of your torso, comparable to your chest, shoulders, and triceps. These exercises revolve round “push workouts,” such because the barbell and dumbbell bench press, overhead press, close-grip bench press, and dip.

They might additionally embrace isolation workouts on your triceps, just like the triceps pushdown, overhead triceps extension, and skullcrusher.

A pull day exercise trains all the primary physique elements concerned in pulling issues off the ground or towards your torso. These exercises revolve round “pull workouts,” together with the deadlift, barbell, dumbbell, and cable row, lat pulldown, pull-up, and chin-up. 

Nicely-designed push pull legs splits will even embrace isolation workouts on your biceps, just like the biceps curl, hammer curl, preacher curl, and incline curl.

And final, a leg day exercise trains all the primary lower-body muscle tissues, such because the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Not like push and pull exercises, these exercises usually don’t revolve round particular “motion patterns.” 

As an alternative, they sometimes comprise workouts that practice your complete decrease physique, comparable to the front and back squat, lunge, leg press, hack squat, Bulgarian break up squat, calf elevate, hip thrust, Romanian deadlift.

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What Are the Advantages of Push Pull Legs Exercise Routines?

Push pull legs exercise packages are a staple coaching methodology amongst bodybuilders and powerlifters as a result of they emphasize compound workouts.

A compound train is any train that targets a number of muscle teams directly, such because the squat, deadlift, bench press, and overhead press.

They need to make up the lion’s share of any well-designed weightlifting program as a result of they will let you practice dozens of muscle tissues concurrently, carry heavy weights safely, and progress usually, which is mostly higher for muscle and energy achieve.

The one draw back is that compound weightlifting is demanding in your physique, needing numerous power for exercises and numerous time to get well afterward.

That’s why PPL has you break up your higher physique exercises into two separate coaching days and limits the quantity of decrease physique coaching you do every week (which tends to be extra taxing).

Organizing your coaching program like this permits your muscle tissues loads of relaxation days between exercises, so you possibly can carry out higher over the long run.

One other main advantage of push pull legs coaching is you possibly can simply customise it to suit your wants and circumstances.

With simply three primary exercises to select from, it’s simple to know and modify as wanted. For instance, essentially the most primary PPL setup appears like this:

  • Monday: Push
  • Wednesday: Pull
  • Friday: Legs

And you could possibly do one thing like this when you desire to coach simply twice per week:

  • Monday: Push and Pull
  • Thursday: Legs

Or, you could possibly do a six-day routine like this to push your self to the restrict:

  • Monday: Push
  • Tuesday: Pull
  • Wednesday: Legs
  • Thursday: Push
  • Friday: Pull
  • Saturday: Legs

A caveat, nevertheless: don’t try a routine like this except you’re an intermediate or superior weightlifter consuming at upkeep or lean bulking.

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The Greatest Push Pull Legs Exercise Routines

Earlier than hitting the fitness center, the very first thing to resolve is what number of days per week you wish to practice.

You probably have ample time and wish to maximize muscle and energy features, I like to recommend coaching 4-to-6 days per week. 

In the event you’re brief on time or don’t wish to practice that always, you possibly can nonetheless do nice with 2-to-3 weekly exercises.

With that determined, the subsequent step is creating a selected routine.

There are lots of methods of organizing PPL exercises, however I’m going to maintain it easy and provide you with a number of PPL instance routines to select from.

Let’s begin with the exercises themselves, after which we’ll see how one can mix them into routines.

The Push Pull Legs Exercises

You possibly can create an infinite number of push pull legs exercise routines, however listed below are a number of of my favorites.

As you’ll see, they contain numerous heavy, compound weightlifting, supplemented with reasonably heavy accent work.

Push Pull Legs Workouts

Now, let’s see how one can flip them into weekly exercise routines.

The two-Day Push Pull Legs Routine

As I discussed earlier, you are able to do effectively coaching simply twice per week.

Extra could be higher when you’re attempting to realize muscle and energy as shortly as doable. Nonetheless, when circumstances don’t permit for extra fitness center time, this can be a strong 2-day routine you can all the time fall again on to not less than keep what you’ve obtained.

Right here it’s:

2-Day Push Pull Legs Routine

The three-Day Push Pull Legs Routine

This 3-day routine is your primary PPL program, and it’s my favourite setup for coaching 3 days per week.

Once more, extra coaching is finest for maximizing features, however this 3-day break up is a time-proven program for gaining measurement and energy.

Right here’s the routine:

3-Day Push Pull Legs Routine

The 4-Day Push Pull Legs Routines

Including a fourth day lets you work extra on whichever main muscle teams are most lagging otherwise you wish to develop shortly.

Thus, I’m going to supply two 4-day routines: one for individuals who wish to focus extra on their higher our bodies and one for focusing extra on the decrease physique.

Right here they’re:

4-Day Push Pull Legs Routine (Upper Focus)

4-Day Push Pull Legs Routine (Lower Focus)


The 5-Day Push Pull Legs Routines

That is my most well-liked push pull legs break up as a result of it lets you push the boundaries of quantity and depth whereas permitting a few days for restoration.

Once more, I’m going to supply two routines right here: one for emphasizing the higher physique and one for the decrease physique.

Right here you go:

5-Day Push Pull Legs Routine (Upper Focus)

5-Day Push Pull Legs Routine (Lower Focus)

The 6-Day Push Pull Legs Routine

A 6-day PPL break up comprises about as a lot quantity as most pure weightlifters can handle earlier than they compromise restoration and subsequent progress.

As such, you must solely try this push pull legs routine when you’re an skilled weightlifter who would profit from the additional quantity, is in a lean bulking section, recovering effectively from coaching (no stress, aches and pains, or sleep points, for instance), and feeling as much as the problem.

In the event you don’t meet these stipulations, select a much less demanding push pull legs break up from above. 

Right here’s the 6-day routine:

6-Day Push Pull Legs Routine

One other Choice: Push Legs Pull

A standard variation of push pull legs is push legs pull (PLP).

This setup offers your higher physique extra time to get well between exercises however your decrease physique much less time, which implies that it’s finest suited to folks extra involved with higher physique improvement than decrease physique.

Listed below are a number of methods to set it up:

The three-Day Push Legs Pull Routine

This offers your higher physique extra restoration time than the everyday 3-day push pull legs routine.

3-Day Push Legs Pull Routine

The 4-Day Push Legs Pull Routine

Despite the fact that push legs pull routines are likely to favor higher physique restoration, you possibly can nonetheless use a number of completely different variations to alter its emphasis.

Listed below are a few examples:

4-Day Push Legs Pull Routine (Upper Focus)

4-Day Push Legs Pull Routine (Lower Focus)

The 5-Day Push Legs Pull Routine

These packages are for many who wish to push whole-body quantity and depth somewhat greater than you possibly can on the 4-day routine. 

5-Day Push Legs Pull Routine (Upper Focus)

5-Day Push Legs Pull Routine (Lower Focus)

The 6-Day Push Legs Pull Routine

If you wish to focus most on upper-body improvement throughout your subsequent bulk and are prepared to work, this can be a improbable routine.

The identical guidelines apply right here as earlier: Don’t do that routine when you’re in a calorie deficit or not feeling rested and contemporary. Depart it for once you’re well-rested, fed, and able to practice.

Right here’s the routine:

6-Day Push Legs Pull Routine

3 Suggestions for Extra Efficient Push Pull Legs Exercises

1. Finish each set 1-to-3 reps shy of muscle failure.

As I clarify in my health books for males and ladies, to maximise your outcomes, you could take many of the units in your push pull legs exercises to inside a rep or two of failure.

Ask your self on the finish of every set, “If I needed to, what number of extra reps might I’ve gotten with good kind?” If the reply is greater than two, enhance the burden or reps to make your subsequent set more difficult.

2. When you hit the highest of your rep vary for a set, transfer up in weight. 

In case your push pull legs exercise requires 4-to-6 reps of the deadlift and also you get 6 reps for a set, add 10 kilos to your subsequent set.

In the event you handle 3 or fewer reps with the brand new weight, cut back the burden by 5 kilos to make sure you keep within the 4-to-6 rep vary. 

Observe this sample of attempting so as to add reps or weight to each train in each exercise.

3. Take the appropriate dietary supplements.

These dietary supplements can assist you optimize your efficiency and features whereas following a push pull legs exercise routine:

  • Protein powder: Protein powder offers your physique with the vitamins wanted to construct muscle tissue and get well from exercises. For a clear and scrumptious protein powder, attempt Whey+ or Casein+.
  • Creatine: Creatine boosts muscle and energy achieve, improves anaerobic endurance, and reduces muscle harm and soreness out of your exercises. For a pure supply of creatine that additionally contains two different substances to reinforce muscle progress and enhance restoration, attempt Recharge.
  • Pre-workout: A high-quality pre-workout enhances power, temper, and focus, will increase energy and endurance, and reduces fatigue. For a top-tier pre-workout containing clinically efficient doses of 6 science-backed substances, attempt Pulse with caffeine or with out.

(In the event you’d like much more particular recommendation about which dietary supplements you must take to succeed in your well being and health targets, take the Legion Complement Finder Quiz, and in lower than a minute, you’ll know precisely what dietary supplements are best for you.)

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