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Sam Sulek and $80 Images? – IronMag Bodybuilding & Health Weblog

Sam Sulek and  Images? – IronMag Bodybuilding & Health Weblog

by Christian Duque

Capitalism is all about provide and demand. It’s what loads of issues are about much more so than simply enterprise. Take celebrities and their pull with the viewers. Celebrities aren’t any completely different than the remainder of us aside from the truth that they might have a declare to fame. One thing about them might stand out. Maybe they’re good at making us snigger or they’ve the power to pen an awesome track. Typically celebs is perhaps butt-ugly however they nonetheless command legions of adoring followers who purchase magazines, film tickets, and any memorabilia they’ll get their fingers on.

The identical has been the case within the health business. Who can neglect when Wealthy Piana began promoting plastic jugs of water with 5% throughout them. These have been completely generic jugs. They didn’t have any bells and whistles. What they did have was Wealthy’s model on them and Wealthy drank out of them on his wildly profitable movies.

In consequence, folks have been shelling out $10 or $20 with out a second’s thought. He wasn’t autographing them or doing picture offers the place when you purchased one you bought a signed 8×10. Individuals simply purchased them as a result of they liked every little thing he stood for. Different examples of this fan-loyalty may be seen in dietary supplements themselves.

Some folks might not even like a sure firm. They may assume their supps are trash. Perhaps they don’t combine properly, possibly they style like ass, however as a result of stated firm signed their favourite athlete, they’ll purchase the tablets and powders. Some followers received’t even crack the tubs open. They may simply snap a selfie, tag the star, after which give the precise stuff away. It’s all about supporting the corporate that helps their favourite athlete. Nothing extra, nothing much less.

The concept a brilliant well-liked influencer like Sam Sulek is getting $80 per picture on the 2024 Arnold Traditional Expo is infuriating to some, however makes good sense to me. And right here’s why.

Again within the day after I ran IronMag TV certainly one of our high guys, Gregg Valentino, used to like giving Lou Ferrigno shit for charging $25 for autographed 8×10’s on the Arnold. The way in which he noticed it, The Unbelievable Hulk star had film cash, health club cash, bodybuilding cash, so why did he must get a measly $25 from younger followers who wished to fulfill their favourite star?

Plus it’s not like he was even actively competing. He had an enormous television present and was in all probability nonetheless making a killing from his present within the 70’s. There was additionally all that Pumping Iron cash which he in all probability nonetheless made. Lou has by no means been hurting for cash. Actually, Gregg hated the truth that Ferrigno apparently had a lot cash that it even led to inner household disputes. The way in which Gregg noticed it from my vantage level was that Ferrigno was past grasping and that charging followers for autographs was a fairly dirty factor to do all issues thought-about.

Guys like Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman don’t cost for autographs so then why you must Lou? Properly we return to preliminary premise of this text. It’s all about provide and demand. In the event you take a handful of filth and attempt to promote it, likelihood is nobody’s going to purchase it. Filth, like air, is all over the place. Nobody’s going to purchase one thing they’ll get free of charge. Nevertheless, if Tom Cruise or Mariah Carrey seize a handful of filth and attempt to promote it, there’s going to have an interest patrons. Not as a result of it’s filth however as a result of it’s filth a star held.

It’s the King Midus method all day. No matter King Midus touched was gold. So are we evaluating the fanfare of Lou Ferrigno to Tom Cruise? Most often such a comparability can be laughable. In bodybuilding and health, a case can actually be made. To people who noticed Pumping Iron when it got here out and have adopted the game 20, 30, or 40 years then standing in line for a $25 picture is smart. For only a few minutes of ready and the identical sum of money as lunch for 2 at a high-end institution like McDonald’s they’ll chitchat with a man they’ve appeared as much as endlessly, possibly get a fast cellphone selfie, and have an autographed 8×10 they’ll put within the workplace. They might even make one thing up like, “yeah, my buddy Lou signed that for me after I saved his life.” It’s bullshit, however you then pull your cellphone out and say, “right here’s a shot of us in Columbus, I bought lots extra, however time is cash and I bought issues to do.” You’d be stunned what you are able to do with a selfie and a signed 8×10. My level is, $25 was a drop within the bucket for hardcore followers again then.

Right here’s a twist for ya, although. Whereas Lou charged $25 for a photograph again within the day, it was 100% his name. He set the value and he saved the Andrew Jackson and the Abraham Lincoln. In Sam Sulek’s case, I’m not so certain he’s setting the value or pocketing the 4 20’s.

Let me stress one key level earlier than I am going on. I’m speculating right here; I don’t know if what I’m saying is on the cash or within the incorrect zip code. That’s crucial to emphasize as a result of I’m not aware of Sam’s contract with Hosstile, although I’ve seen lots contracts within the health business in my day. I’ve seen some which might be very imprecise and open-ended and I’ve seen others which might be so restrictive they make me surprise in the event that they’re even legally enforceable. I may also add in that HS’ contracts are identified extra for the latter than the previous. Have I seen any? No remark.

Right here’s what I do know.

I do know that athletes that signal contracts within the health business are largely on the mercy of complement firm house owners. As soon as they signal on the dotted line, they now not have the form of freedom that they do as free brokers. As soon as they money their checks, they need to do just about no matter they’re instructed to ensure that their sponsors to recoup bills. There aren’t any free lunches in bodybuilding. And from a sponsors perspective, they aren’t seeking to break even, moderately, they wish to make a hefty revenue off of each greenback that goes out.

The truth of the matter is sponsorships are few and much between as of late. With a view to signal an athlete to a big contract, the return on funding needs to be substantial. So whereas I don’t assume that Sam is charging $80 a photograph I might not be stunned if his sponsor is. By which case it’s a utterly completely different scenario than the Lou Ferrigno one. Not solely is Sam not setting the value, however he’s additionally not pocketing the income. What he’s getting is a sponsorship and every little thing that he should do to maintain that sponsorship has extra to do along with his sponsor than with himself.

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