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Siddharth Raja of Allahabad claims gold in triathlon A class « Athletics Federation of India


Siddharth Raja of district Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh secured 2168 factors to say gold medal in U14 boys triathlon group A on the opening day of the nineteenth version of the Nationwide Inter District Junior Athletics Meet (NIDJAM). The competitors is being performed at Gujarat College Campus.

On his method to gold in triathlon A, Siddharth clocked 7.62 seconds in 60m sprint, whereas his greatest mark in lengthy bounce was 3.79m. He crossed the bar at 1.67m within the excessive bounce to pocket the gold medal.

There have been greater than 300 opponents in triathlon A bunch. Anand Kumar of Gaya district in Bihar collected 2116 factors to take house silver, whereas Konyala Saiteja of district Sangareddy in Telangana received bronze with 2023 factors.

Triathlon B group was extra aggressive. Abhinanth AB from district Chennai in Tamil Nadu, the gold medal winner secured 2729 factors. The Chennai athlete clocked 7.40 seconds in 60m sprint. 4.48m in lengthy bounce and 18.11m in shot put to atop the sphere of plus 300 athletes.

Whereas silver medalist Dhruv Gurjar of district Agra in Uttar Pradesh earned 2695 factors and bronze medalist Rishu Raj of Ranchi in Jharkhand collected 2667 factors.

The ladies U-14 triathlon group B gold medal went to Kinjalben Bhema Thakor of district Kheda, Gujarat. She secured 2520 factors

The ladies U14 triathlon group A title went to Khushi of district Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. She earned 2158 factors.

Outcomes: Boys: U14: Triathlon A: Siddharth Raja (Allahabad)–2168 factors: 60m (7.62 seconds), lengthy bounce (3.79m), excessive bounce (1.67m).

Anand Kumar (Gaya): 2116 factors: 8.06 seconds (60m), lengthy bounce (4.09m), 1.65m (excessive bounce).

Konyala Saiteja (Sangareddy): 2023 factors: 7.13 seconds (60m), 3.98m (lengthy bounce), 1.31m (excessive bounce).

U14: Triathlon B: Abhinanth AB (Chennai): –2729 factors: 7.40 seconds (60m), 4.48m (lengthy bounce), 18.11m (shot put).

Dhruv Gurjar (Agra): 2695 factors: 7.50 seconds (60m), 4.37m (lengthy bounce), 18.73m (shot put).

Rishu Raj–2667 factors (Ranchi): 7.63 seconds (60m), 3.82m (lengthy bounce), 22.09m (shot put).

Women: U14: Triathlon A: Khushi (Bulandshahr): 2158 factors. 60m (8.82 seconds), 3.43m (lengthy bounce), 1.39m (excessive bounce).

Abiyaann Gigi (Idukki) 2122 factors: 60m (9.02 seconds), 3.20m (lengthy bounce), 1.48m (excessive bounce).

Kavya Agarwal (Ahmedabad): 2064 factors: 60m (8.54 seconds), 3.41m (lengthy bounce), 1.27m (excessive bounce).

Women: U-14: Triathlon B: Kinjalben Bhema Thakor (Kheda): 2520 factors: 8.43 seconds (60m), 3.81m (lengthy bounce), 12.40m (shot put).

Sakshi (Churu): 2388 factors: 8.90 seconds (60m), 3.47m (lengthy bounce), 14.79m (excessive bounce).

Honey Chaudhari (Surat): 2359 factors: 8.80 seconds (60m), 3.23m ( lengthy bounce), 15.62m (shot put).

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