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Energy Coach Kelly Matthews Breaks Down Bench Press Kind for Freshmen

Matthews particulars optimum powerlifting bench press method to determine a one-rep-max.

The bench press is a foundational train in most coaching regimes and one of many three large lifts in aggressive powerlifting between the squat and the deadlift. Streamlining bench press method will help unlock private bests and restrict damage danger.

On March 10, 2024, power and conditioning coach and hybrid athlete Kelly Matthews printed a video on her YouTube channel detailing bench press setup and type and highlighting the commonest errors. Test it out under:

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Bench Press Setup

Matthews emphasised the significance of discovering the proper setup in your anatomy. Most gyms have devoted weight benches with preset heights. Matthews prefers benching in a squat rack, permitting for a cushty attain through rack top changes.

Matthews recommends shorter people put on weightlifting sneakers or elevate their ft on weight plates to create a stable base for highly effective leg drive.

Physique Place

Take time to search out an optimum place on the bench. Matthews opined that learners ought to barely arch their backs to create leverage whereas their heels stay flat. 

Arching your again will put you at an angle that provides higher leverage for the bench press.

An athlete’s shoulders, glutes, and head should contact the bench all through the carry in sanctioned powerlifting. The lifter lowers the barbell to the chest, with the underside of the elbow joint degree with or under the highest of the shoulders.


Bench press grip varies relying on a person’s anatomy and preferences. Matthews rolls the bar ahead in J-hooks earlier than greedy it with a barely wider than shoulder-width grip. 

Retract the scapula and drive the ft into the ground to unrack the bar. Matthews advises sustaining a robust wrist place by rolling the knuckles towards the ceiling. 

The Eccentric

Take a deep breath and pull the lats down as if attempting to drag your armpits into your entrance pockets. This engages the core and again, selling stability.

Decrease the bar to the underside of the sternum at an angle, adopted by an explosive concentric that leverages leg drive.

If you end up able to press up, push by way of your ft such as you’re attempting to push your head off the top of the bench.

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Frequent Errors

Matthews addressed the next bench press errors:

Improper Wrist Positioning

Matthews advises towards letting the wrists slack below the bar (i.e., your knuckles pointing towards you). This place can pressure the wrists and jeopardize efficiency.

Matthews recommends driving the knuckles towards the ceiling to create a robust, steady wrist place.

Neglecting Leg Drive

Leg drive is a basic part of correct powerlifting bench press type. It creates stability and energy all through the carry. Matthews cautions towards lifting the glutes off the bench throughout the urgent part.

Matthews advises pushing by way of the ft as if aiming to drive the toes by way of the entrance of the sneakers. Some learners neglect the leg drive altogether, which limits energy technology.

Bouncing the Bar Off the Chest

A aggressive powerlifter should decrease the bar to the chest in a managed method and pause on the backside earlier than urgent it again up on the choose’s command. For a bench press rep to register in a powerlifting meet, the bar should come to a whole cease on the backside. Bouncing the bar off the chest disqualifies the carry.

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