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The Banded Deadlifts (4 Causes Why You Ought to Do Them)

Including band resistance to a barbell deadlift will help you speed up the barbell on the mid and high of the elevate and assist strengthen your lockout.

Nevertheless, many lifters use the incorrect stance and pressure and miss out on maximizing their positive aspects. 

That’s why I put collectively this information and mentioned keep away from the frequent accidents and pitfalls.

As a power and conditioning coach working with high-level athletes, I typically embody variable resistance coaching in my programming. This deadlift variation has been very profitable in growing power and pace in my athletes. 

How To Do Banded Deadlifts

banded deadlifts featured taken by Jake Woodruff, Strength Coach

This step-by-step information is how I instruct my athletes to do a banded deadlift with correct type, with set-up directions included.

  1. Arrange a barbell along with your chosen weight on a platform.
  2. I like to recommend utilizing resistance bands that make-up 20-25% of your whole bar weight. For instance, a 300-pound deadlift will want 60-75 kilos of whole band resistance on the high. 
  3. Hook one finish of the band across the peg or dumbbell. Wrap the band over the barbell and connect it across the different peg. Do that step on each side of the barbell. 
  4. Stand along with your ft shoulder-width aside, the center of your foot beneath the bar, and going through ahead. 
  5. Hinge on the hips and squat right down to the beginning place. Seize the bar on the primary knurling, simply to the facet of your knees. Your shoulders will likely be positioned over the bar.
  6. “Bend the bar” in half to interact your lats and higher again so that you preserve a impartial backbone.
  7. Drive your ft into the ground as you push to the highest by way of your legs. Be sure that your chest and hips rise concurrently.
  8. Preserve the bar tight to your shins and quads as you elevate up.
  9. Maintain the highest lockout for a rely of two, then push your hips again to return to the beginning place.

Professional Tip: If you do not have a platform rig with band pegs, then you possibly can merely wrap a single band over the middle of the barbell and stand on it. 

Utilizing a band, you don’t have any margin for error in case your lats are unengaged. So, in case you wrestle with getting your lats tight within the backside place, incorporating the banded deadlift will likely be an excellent reminder to cue your lats earlier than you pull the bar off the bottom.

Widespread Errors Doing Banded Deadlifts

Common Mistakes Doing Banded Deadlifts banded deadlifts, taken by Jake Woodruff, Strength Coach

A number of the commonest errors I see whereas with banded deadlifts are:

  • Spinal flexion (rounded again)
  • Not utilizing right band pressure
  • Incorrect stance 

A poor beginning place might result in a rounded again in the course of the elevate. If the lats usually are not engaged and the lifter isn’t utilizing their hips to finish the elevate, their first pull will seemingly be by way of the low again muscle groups. Pulling with the decrease again can result in harm.

In case you are doing banded deadlifts, you need the bands to present the correct pressure. Bear in mind, you continue to need weight on the bar and pressure from the bands. It is very important use the proper bands to get the variations you’re aiming for. 

The set-up to the bar will decide how efficient the rep will likely be. I coach my shoppers who’re nonetheless progressing by way of the deadlift sample to the correct beginning place. Getting too extensive or too slender with the stance will throw off the mechanics of the elevate, which muscle groups needs to be engaged.

Professional Tip: A simple solution to measure band resistance is to make use of a baggage scale on the high of the elevate.

How To Add Banded Deadlifts To Your Exercise

How To Add Banded Deadlifts To Your Workout banded deadlifts, taken by Jake Woodruff, Strength Coach

I’ll evaluate add banded deadlifts into your exercises to goal most power and energy.


You possibly can add resistance bands to your deadlifts to assist improve power through the use of a heavy load. The addition of resistance bands requires a rise in muscle recruitment in the course of the full rep. That can improve the quantity of power wanted to finish the rep.

I like to recommend doing 3-6 units of 1-5 reps at ≥85% 1RM with 20-25% band pressure.


The give attention to energy growth is predicated on the dynamic effort technique. This entails lifting a submaximal load throughout a excessive velocity motion. Basically, the purpose is to maneuver lighter weight quick. This technique will assist develop a higher pressure output in comparison with lifting maximal masses slowly. 

I like to recommend doing 6-8 units of 1-3 reps at 40% 1RM with 20-25% band pressure.

How To Add Banded Deadlifts To Your Workout banded deadlifts, taken by Jake Woodruff, Strength Coach

Having bother along with your deadlift when you attain your knees? Try our greatest 5 ideas in case your deadlift is weak on the knees.

Muscle tissues Labored Throughout Banded Deadlifts

Banded deadlifts hit nearly each muscle on the posterior chain. The highest 3 muscle groups to give attention to are:

  • Glutes: The gluteus maximus is the first muscle chargeable for this elevate’s hip hinge and extension facet.
  • Hamstrings: The hamstring muscle groups encompass the biceps femoris, semimembranosis, and semitendinosis. They help with hip extension in the course of the lockout place. 
  • Erector Spinae: The erector spinae are muscle groups within the decrease again. They’re chargeable for sustaining and steady and impartial backbone.

Alternate options To Banded Deadlifts 

When searching for another train, you need to discover similarities in muscle groups labored, motion sample, and ease of use. My 2 favourite various workout routines to the banded deadlift are the banded lure bar deadlift and chained deadlift.

Banded Entice Bar Deadlift

Banded Trap Bar Deadlift banded deadlifts, taken by Jake Woodruff, Strength Coach

The banded lure bar deadlift is a good various train as a result of it is rather comparable in motion sample and muscle groups labored. The lure bar is normally a bit of simpler to study type, so it’s a good choice for newer lifters. Whereas teaching, I discovered that newer lifters can progress by way of a lure bar deadlift quicker than conventional barbell deadlift. The added band resistance nonetheless permits for lifters to focus on power and energy growth. 

Chained Deadlift

Chained Deadlift banded deadlifts, taken by Jake Woodruff, Strength Coach

One other efficient software to give attention to the lockout part of a deadlift is to make use of chains. A chained deadlift will likely be lighter on the beginning place after which because the lifter accelerates to the lockout, there will likely be much less chain on the ground to make it heavier. Chains work just like bands in that the lifter can give attention to transferring lighter weight quick to work on energy, or load up the bar heavy for maximal power. 

In search of one other decrease physique train variation? Try our full information on reverse band squats

4 Causes Why You Ought to Do Banded Deadlifts

When you’re nonetheless not bought on banded deadlifts, then try some particular causes to spend money on them to enhance your deadlift.

  • Accelerates Bar Pace Close to The Prime: Banded deadlifts practice you to use most pressure by way of the elevate, particularly helpful for overcoming sticking factors. Bands improve resistance on the high, demanding extra pace and energy to finish the lockout.
  • Strengthens Lock-Out: Best for individuals who wrestle on the lockout part. Bands add resistance the place it is hardest, concentrating on glutes and bettering hip extension power.
  • Improves Motion Mechanics: Bands act as an exterior cue for sustaining correct bar path and place, making the elevate more durable in case you deviate from the optimum path.
  • Engages Lats: Important for controlling the barbell’s path, bands amplify the necessity for tight lats, stopping the bar from pulling you off stability.

The reverse band deadlift is one other efficient variation to overload the deadlift. Try our full information on do a reverse band deadlift. One other nice train for working the deadlift lock-out is the block pull.


How A lot Further Resistance Will You Get From Doing Banded Deadlifts?

The band pressure will fluctuate relying on the dimensions of the band and the vary of movement of the elevate. As you get stronger, you may need to use heavier resistance bands.

I like to recommend getting the set of bands from WOD Nation (click on for pricing on Amazon). These are nice bands to maintain in your fitness center bag which are meant for powerlifting and will not put on and tear.

  • Mild Resistance Band: When you deadlift between 100 and 300 lbs, I recommend utilizing the crimson band for deadlifts. It can present roughly 15 and 35 lbs of further resistance on the top-end vary of movement.
  • Medium Resistance Band: When you deadlift between 300 and 400 lbs, I recommend utilizing the black band for deadlifts. It can present roughly 30 and 60 lbs of further resistance on the top-end vary of movement.
  • Heavy Resistance Band: When you deadlift between 400 and 500 lbs, I recommend utilizing the purple band for deadlifts. It can present roughly 50 and 80 lbs of further resistance on the top-end vary of movement.
  • Max Resistance Band: When you deadlift between over 500 lbs, I recommend utilizing the inexperienced band for deadlifts. It can present roughly 50 and 125 lbs of further resistance on the top-end vary of movement.

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